“The National Film Festival (FNF) is an artistic, cultural and promotional event aimed at:

– Promoting the development of national film production;

– Contributing to the dissemination of films made by Moroccan filmmakers;

– Promote the work of national cinema professionals;

– Create a framework for meeting, dialogue, and cinematographic exchange “(FNF Regulations – Art 1)

After an almost total cessation of cinematographic activities imposed by the terrible Covid 19 pandemic for more than two years, “professional professionals” and moviegoers should be happy to finally resume their normal professionalism. life, especially as this healing extends to. the organization of the 22nd edition of the FNF, the central crossroads of national cinematographic activity since its inception in 1982. It was news that was welcomed and celebrated with brass bands and timpani and organ. So, welcome back to the National Film Festival, scheduled in Tangier from September 16 to 24, 2022, announced a press release from the Moroccan Cinematographic Center.

The excitement of professionals and film enthusiasts was even greater because the continuation of this great national cinematographic event was reinforced by another important continuation: the return of the CCM Administration’s collaboration with professional organizations. , a practice illegally banned by the former administration for nearly eight years, has been replaced by a unilateral, autocratic and undemocratic and unconstitutional management policy.


Since its creation in 1982, the FNF has responded to specific objectives, established by common agreement between the professional rooms and the Direction of the Moroccan Cinema Center, manager of the sector. Art 1 of the festival regulations is very clear and divides its objectives into four slots: 1 – Promoting national film production; 2 – Dissemination of Moroccan films; 3 – Promote the work of film professionals; 4 – Make it a framework for meeting, dialogue, and cinematographic exchange. This is the essence and raison d’être of the FNF.

This clearly means that the FNF is in essence composed of the following important elements: screening of films selected in conditions respecting recognized technical standards and discussions around these films.


Professionals and moviegoers noted that untimely and unreasonable changes were made to the FNF regulations, which were recently published on the CCM website, along with the official press release announcing the festival to be held from on September 16 to 24, 2022 in Tangier. This leads them to think about the purpose of these changes, reading them effectively suggesting that the constituents and the basic traditions of the festival are in danger of being disrespected.

In fact, the new regulation removes the selection of films in the feature film category. This will bring the number of feature films scheduled to nearly thirty films, requiring at least four screenings per day, including the morning. This will only result in the suppression of debates that often take place during the morning, and that constitute the basic structure of the festival. Without debates and exchanges, the main purpose of the festival is lost.

The second major change relates to Jury members and stipulates that “The feature film jury will proceed to remotely view all films entered prior to the Festival”. This means abandoning an international tradition of the festival, which the FNF has adopted since its inception, and which means that the Jury will watch the competition films in the official room, with the public. Watching movies from links, on PCs or mobile phones, will not in any way allow us to judge their technical and aesthetic qualities. In order to give the prizes fairly, the films must be seen in a cinema that respects all the technical standards of projection, especially the technical prizes: image, sound, music …

These are the basic elements that will be discussed immediately. Other elements, just as important, must follow, in particular the return to the initial roaming of the FNF or its evolution into a more modernist and more efficient concept, as is done anywhere in the world. The classic concept of FNF is so old.


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