The metaverse of Luxembourg is increasingly attractive

Orange Luxembourg has made its first steps into the metaverse with the acquisition of two sites within the new Luxembourg metaverse created by The Dots and Virtual Rangers. The ambition is to develop a new commercial space there. Above all, Orange Luxembourg promises to offer an innovation laboratory there that goes beyond a simple online and virtual store.

“Orange intends to use this virtual environment accessible to all as a laboratory for innovation and support for the proper use of digital technology. With this vision, the operator has gained a second ground, where it will set up a new location, ”the operator explained.“ We want to explore the possibilities involved in the development of these virtual environments and create a place of exchange for startups in Luxembourg. . Our desire is also to support our customers by informing them of the opportunities and dangers associated with these virtual environments, ”added Barbara Fangille, head of communications at Orange Luxembourg, in a press release.

Other companies are already in the Metaverse Luxembourg such as CFL, the Post group, AXA Group, Beyn Building Bridge, Bois Brever, Demo, Musées des Mines, DLH, the Bil, EBRC, Roudy’s World, the Philharmonie or the Luxembourg National Research Fund.

Regarding the Post’s new virtual space, which recently officially opened this Friday, July 15, visitors should be allowed to have access to current telecom offers and the possibility to subscribe remotely on a mobile offer or ordering a cell phone. “Although the metaverse is still in its infancy, this virtual world, which for some seems too abstract, has more users. The post enters a new dimension with a virtual store that acts as a communication and sales channel that fills our physical marketing network, our website and our 24/7 Call Center. Depending on the initial experiences and the needs of our customers, we will continue to improve or even adapt our presence to improve the overall experience of Luxembourg Metaverse users ”, said Cliff Konsbruck, director of Post Telecom in an official communication.

In concrete terms, the land, which sold for 5,000 euros for the largest and 1,500 euros for the smallest, was used to put “Dot” there. A kind of virtual dome that a company can customize if it wants to display the products it sells, display images, videos and even have an avatar there, that can answer questions from strangers. connect with the universe.

To a European Metaverse hub in Luxembourg

In early July, Infinite Reality, a Metaverse entertainment and innovation company, announced a strategic partnership with the Interdisciplinary Center of the University of Luxembourg for Security, Reliability and Trust (SnT). The idea is to launch a global and open metaverse from the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

With this partnership, Infinite Reality seeks to benefit from the digital capabilities of the Grand Duchy and the country’s wide range of business support with the ambition of making Luxembourg the center of metaverse innovation in Europe. “Infinite Reality has a bold vision for a future with an open metaverse, and strong relationships with like-minded strategic partners in Luxembourg will be key to our success. We have something in common. interest in using digital innovation to improve daily life and sustainability, which we can do by transforming the Metaverse creation and innovation in Europe, ”said John Acunto, co-founder and CEO of ‘Infinite Reality in an official communications.

“The metaverse is full of potential, and we look forward to tackling the technical challenges of research with Infinite Reality to make the open metaverse a reality. We are excited to act as strategic research partners as iR develops of its activities in Europe from Luxembourg ”, concluded Professor Björn Ottersten, Director of SnT.

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