Sika Kagbara, the promoter of “lya”, the app for connecting artisans and customers

(Togo Una) – A priori, or luxurious to the kind Sika Yakou Esther Kagbara, techno-entrepreneur and promoter of Her digital platform. Nothing has hindered him in his ambition to elevate this initiative among the best on the continent. He has this particularity: connecting artisans to customers in a world that has become more virtual. On the 29th, CEO of Sigma Corporation, after about 5 years of leading this 360 ° communications company, there is still a lot to be released.

On maternity leave, Sika Yakou Esther Kagbara secretly goes to the office, if necessary. Entrepreneur at heart, he never leaves his smartphone. Wearing blue jeans well with her white T-shirt, the smiling and hospitable young mother has specific appointments. All this, to further develop this application that allows you to have craftsmen in one click.

Strength and resilience

However, one who had just given birth just two weeks ago, would never allow her children to touch her phone. ” We always fight because kids today are so addicted to technology. Me, I really don’t like them holding the phone… Baby baby. When the time comes, he can bring his phone and tablet, but for now, nothing. I don’t think the phone is a toy “. This strength, Sika (which literally means gold of Mina) took it from his education. From a modest family, the cousin of the Honorable Innocent Kagbara, Member of the National Assembly did not receive all on a silver plate.

24 trials

After completing his degree in business communication and an internship that ended in 2016, the dynamic Sika goes through the box ” unemployment “for 2 years. Her passion for sewing, a craft she learned from her mother since middle school, led her to further explore the world of crafts in her downtime. But she did not regret it. experience: “ it allowed me to mature my ideas and have a bankable project. I had to go there to get to know the world of business “. It was also the click that allowed him to launch the same year, His, in line with his childhood dream.” to bring something new to the world and serve the community “.

Against entrepreneurship »

Paradoxically, Sika opposes this form of entrepreneurship which involves writing a business plan or an economic model to weave funds. He was more interested in a successful entrepreneurship: mature your idea, lay the foundations and pursue your vision “.

It all starts with personal experience. For many Togolese, it is difficult to find artisans after moving to Lomé or other cities in the country. ” Sometimes, through word of mouth we are finally able to find some. But in some cases, he won’t finish your work and go to another site because someone called him. That slows down your business. Sometimes, when I get an artisan, I’m happy to try to write it down. At the same time, I will contact him, if the work is good. So, I made a notebook that neighbors or members of my family asked to consult. When the requests increased, I actually realized that there was a real concern in this sector. “, He recalls. Therefore, his address book was used to create the platform.

23 trials

Satisfactory balance sheet

Officially launched a year ago, the solution is evolving. Funding from the Tony Elumelu Foundation made it possible to develop His application, which now features more than 500 artisans in a variety of fields. As for customers, they continue to grow. The company also has an online store to sell works of art. If this year, the project was selected among the 15 finalists in the TotalEnergies Challenge Startupper contest, the young entrepreneur is working hard to make it to the 3 finalists, next year.

Financially, initiators continue to invest more in the startup to get the most out of it. fruit, in the future “. With a capital of 5 million FCFA, the company stays on course.

One of the great challenges He faced was his legal status. Togo does not yet have a text on social enterprises. But that doesn’t limit startups that want to expand to other countries. ” We do not intend to limit ourselves at the national level. We want to cross borders, go to the sub-region and make Him known to the whole world, so that there are artisans who will accept our idea. », Explained Sika Kagbara.

22 trials

On stage, artisans are selected according to well -defined ethics. The structure experiments with them or assigns them to other actors to validate many parameters that are particularly relevant to their customer behavior. After this test, a contract is signed by the artisan if he meets the standards. They are then merged into a database. ” These are the professional craftsmen who are on our platform… Most of our customers are satisfied “, he determined.

The structure wants to change the habits of many Togolese who have not yet been prevented from seeking the services of an artisan online.

21 trials

Now, apart from work, Sika spends her time with her three children. His favorite dish, fufu with peanut sauce with guinea fowl meat, remembers his origin (Sola, in Binah prefecture, Kara region). In an athletic form, he indulges in his hobbies, the walking he practices every day to relieve stress, but most of all, he admits with a smile: “ because I don’t like to run, atleast compensate for jogging “.


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