pictures of couples who have been married for more than half a century

Brigitte and Bernard, 50 years together and “constant love”

Brigitte, 67, and Bernard Tisserand, 70, are smart. However, they do not miss any events around them, listen to their neighbors, talk a little with each other and then, with confidence, open up more. They celebrated their golden wedding anniversary for 50 years of living. They met for the first time, in 1969, in the Orchamps district. There he lived, he lived with his uncle. Brigitte immediately fell in love. “I admit I didn’t pay attention to him at the time,” he confesses, a bit challenged to see the reaction of his half. She smiled.

They often met, exchanging a few words, until the day Brigitte found out she was no longer in a relationship. “He was dating my best friend,” she said. “That’s why I’m in a good position to find out. I picked it up on the fly. Their agreement was immediate despite a very difficult family context for him. Bernard promised himself that he would be released as soon as possible.

“I promised to marry him as soon as possible if I did not join the army,” he recalls. “I was exempted very quickly and we got married in 1972.” They worked. He was as a city bus driver, he was as a sewing mechanic in Weil. Two men were born out of their union. They were later given four grandchildren.

They never left each other. “We always do everything together. Each of us can rely on each other through hard knocks. Our bonds are always stronger than anything. Our children became our cement. We will stand together. Brigitte accompanied me on all my activities. I am an amateur drummer in many music groups in Besançon. He always liked what I did. He wouldn’t leave me, he supported me as much as I supported him. It was like this until our last breath. Our motto is ” love, always ”.

Video. Brigitte and Bernard’s secrets

Suzanne and Joseph Piroutey, aged 90 and 88: “We met in the bumper car”

Suzanne and Joseph Piroutey, 90 and 88, celebrated their wedding anniversary in platinum (70 years together). They were one of the most beautiful couples invited to the Kursaal. With a clear mind, easy and free to speak, they do not hesitate to open up and oppose each other, just for fun. “We met at a village festival in 1954, in Étalans. We were in a bumper car and enjoyed colliding with each other. That’s how we met. »

They dated, even from a distance, because Joseph had to serve in the army in Algeria. They were married in 1957 when he returned on vacation. Their union is made up of ups and downs. They remain strong despite the inevitable disputes if they live under the same roof.
“In general, we get along,” they said. “We have no secrets from each other. We share, and still share, many good times than bad. We work hard, which allows us to have regular family vacations. Today, health is almost always at the forefront. This is important. This allows us to go with friends to have an aperitif. »

Not far from each other, they always had small gestures with each other to show their affection. They are happy to be together.

“A life of shared values ​​and struggle” for Fatima and Daniel Demougeot

Fatima has never let go of the hand of Daniel Demougeot, her husband, in 50 years of living. They are 73 and 78 years old now. Little story, he let her express herself. She fully agreed with his words. This July 14 is a beautiful day for him. “It celebrates not only the strong unions, but also the great pieces of history that crossed the world and Besançon during our marriage in 1971 and beyond.»

He was very grateful for the award given by the industrial past to the city during the traditional summary of the highlights of the years of their youth. Particularly in Lip and in the struggles of the workers in which he was actively involved, since he worked there, when the employees wanted to save the company.
“Daniel has always supported me. He has done this for many other things and continues to support me with our fellow commitments for the welfare of the poorest. It is a life of shared values ​​and struggle. Our aspirations for a more just and inclusive society are the same, even though we are very different in nature. This is what makes us complementary. One does not go without the other.

All of their love comes from the actions and looks they change, beyond the pain that Daniel plagued. “Fusion mi. He knows that I am always there for him, because he is always there for me. We love and respect each other more than words. We face each other, together, as we always have ”.

“Concessions, the recipe for the couple’s duration”

At 71 and 75, Jacqueline and Claude Vouillot are in good shape. Their conspiracy is obvious. Since their first ball meeting in the village of Lizine (25) in 1970. “I didn’t hesitate for a moment when I saw him”, Claude recalls. “I approached him immediately. It was so good that we got married two years later, in 1972, 50 years ago now.»

In the meantime, they meet every week because he works weekdays at SNCF, between Paris and Belfort. She did not stay long in the capital and spent the remainder of her career in Belfort, then in Besançon, where Jacqueline held a position in a bank. “We are always active, professional or family, with our two daughters, then our four granddaughters. We never lacked. »

The secret to a long life in their union is simple for them: “The recipe for a couple’s longevity is to make concessions. Our generation, somehow, has learned that. It’s not the same now. We have the impression that at the first trap, everything is loose. In any case, this is our observation. At first, we didn’t really know each other. This was resolved over many years, with patience. The main thing is to find common flavors and share them. This is why we are so active at the association level. »

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