Michel Cymes: Adriana Karembeu makes shocking revelations about her relationship with the doctor

Are the links between Adriana Karembeu and Michel Cymes purely professional? Or did they form a beautiful friendship? In the Femmes Actuelles columns, the footballer’s ex -wife made some revelations about their relationship.

The two partners are friends and see each other often.

Adriana Karembeu starts by explaining that she didn’t know the doctor before they became partners. ” We have known each other for 10 years thanks to the show“, He explained. Before giving an answer to the real question we should all ask ourselves. ” Lahi2x mig subject and we became friends“. When we talk about friendship, we’re talking about a real relationship that thrives and continues even when they’re not filming. ” We ate together on set, we met on vacation, he came to Marrakech, we met in Paris. Our spouses were very nice“.

If her relationship with him is good, it’s probably because Adriana Karembeu dreams of becoming a doctor, like her mother. She also studies for it, but has to stop for modeling. Many benefits came to her because she was a well -known and recognized model, and now, thanks to her friend, has discovered a bunch of secrets about medicine, about the human body. Information he shared with her with kindness:

He is the one I can trust, ask for advice. He was sincere to me and that was very important and rare in this environment. I was so lucky to see someone like him.“. He would even say of him that he was like an older man.

The crazy couple rumors between Adriana Karembeu and Michel Cymes

As a result of their conspiracy, rumors quickly surfaced on the web saying they were a couple. The two friends decided to ignore it. In the media, however, they express themselves. Michel Cymes knows that as public figures, they can’t stop these rumors.

At first, everyone thought we were with Adriana. Our individual spouses got a little worse. When it’s gone, you can’t stop people from thinking about what they want. The main thing is that neither my wife nor her husband thinks the same thing! Ingon ana! Once you’re in a mixed duo with someone on TV, people will think you slept with them.. »

But the main thing is that it didn’t have a negative impact on his personal life: “I, the one who was more interested in me than when I came home, was no doubt my wife. And he didn’t! “For her part, Adriana Karembeu has learned not to consider her rumors, which are often based on certain elements:”I took it all with a lot of distance. Fortunately we know very well, otherwise, can you imagine the damage it could do?»

Michel Cymes’ argument with his wife

On the other hand, if the former doctor is now confident and shows that his wife has nothing to fear, he will not always appreciate the collusion between the two facilitators. In 2017, in the Femme Actuelle columns, he returned to a major argument between him and his wife:

When I got home, I gave the script to my wife to read and she discovered the passage that said: ‘Adriana and Michel will enter the igloo, where they will spend the night.’ He exploded: ‘It’s a joke! »

The doctor escaped this by suggesting dinner with Adriana Karembeu and her husband to dispel all doubts. They want to show that they are just friends and that their relationship is not very sentimental. It works because they continue to work together and they seem so close.

Together they make up the program The Extraordinary Power of the Human Body and it’s hard to imagine the program presented by another duo of animators. Let’s just congratulate them for relieving personal stress. And to put all the crazy rumors at bay to focus on work.

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