Metacircle, the European think tank for the Metaverse

The metaverse is evolving every day and many investors, companies, and users are increasingly interested in it. It is in this context of growth and innovation that Metacircle was born, the first European think tank for the Metaverse.

Metacircle brings together leading blockchain -based metaverse projects with the goal of raising awareness and unifying efforts to build the most advanced ecosystem.

This collective aims to ensure economic growth, to strengthen visibility and innovation around the metaverse, it is also a think tank that aims to promote and protect the expansion of metaverse initiatives within the European Union.

The big names in the Web3 ecosystem have joined the collective since its creation in January 2022, including The Sandbox, DOGAMÍ, RTKFT, Stage 11, Bloometa and Arianee, you can find our presentation on the revolutionary Dogamí petaverse in this article.

Metacircle’s mission is to gather industry insights, select top-notch teams and companies, broaden investment perspectives, and promote legislation that will enable the development of the Web3 ecosystem, while supporting projects. promising to the Europeans. This approach makes it possible to integrate projects and support small companies that want to create a new product around the metaverse.

Metacircle will also launch Web3 podcasts, educational webinars, workshops on a variety of topics and of course physical and virtual metaverse events. The first workshop is scheduled for September 22 in Paris. Relying on The Sandbox’s work for virtual events, as the company co-hosts the Metaverse Summit 2022 showcasing the ecosystem impact.

Metacircle’s core values ​​are innovation, collaboration, diversity and autonomy to create an open source world where interoperability is key.

With this in mind, co-founder Philippe Rodriguez said in the press release: “ A new world is being built. In this new era for businesses and society, it is up to the players in this ecosystem to decide how they want to grow and manage it. This is what Metacircle means“.

source: Metacircle

Metacircle will launch an annual subscription system to take advantage of all these offers:

  • Promotion: Metacircle supports projects in various verticals in the metaverse sector. By creating an ecosystem of leading metaverse organizations, Metacircle strives to create a cohesive community focused on promoting this industry at the European level.
  • Advocacy: As a collective, Metacircle seeks to be a voice in the growth and development of space regulation for the EU. It’s about prioritizing new initiatives and building frameworks as the sector discovers its true potential.
  • Connections: Metacircle plans to sponsor projects between Web3 pioneers in games, television and entertainment. Members can build important networks for the development of their activities.
  • Brainstorm: Metacircle will pave the way for new research and education in the metaverse. It will provide critical insights for the future of achieved technologies.

Metacircle is an organization with three pillars:

1. A lobby pillar, to work with the European Union and member countries

2. A pillar of communication

3. A research and business pillar

At the heart of this structure are co-founders, Bilal El Alamy and Philippe Rodriguez, who will temporarily be co-presidents of Metacircle until the DAO is established in the coming months.

In fact, Bilal El Alamy the co-founder said: “ We are at a crossroads, this joint initiative is a unique opportunity to work together to think about the “open metaverse”. It can be a platform for equitable ecosystem representation and reliable information. In fact, adoption is central to this initiative.. »

Metacircle is the Think Tank the web3 and metaverse community needed to foster the expansion of this revolution while working with all public and private stakeholders.

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