Japan Expo 2022 and video games, a love story that (…)

The first Japan Expo after the incarcerations associated with the health crisis allowed us to happily see many spectators, of all ages, who were inspired to walk the convention corridors early in the morning.

So, from 8:30 a.m., many guests were already there and improvising spontaneous karaoke thanks to the connected speakers. A message, called by actress Brigitte Lecordier, invites with the voice of young Goku from Dragon Ball to leave as early as 6:00 pm to avoid congestion at the RER station or the exit of the car park . We don’t know yet, but the video game flagship Genshin Impact is a premonition on the wrist of this show.
The entrance to the show: publisher Ankama marks the convention with its presence.

The main attraction of Japan Expo 2022 regarding video games is, in our eyes, the laying on of our hands, for the first time in public access, to street fighter 6. THE benchmark for fight games since the early 1990s and the democratization of the genre thanks to Street Fighter II.

Here is the trailer showing the arrival of the game a few weeks ago:

Scheduled to be released in 2023, street fighter 6 has the daunting task of overcoming a new audience, which failed to do the previous stage of the previous generation of consoles. We also hope that the idea of ​​a hub open multiplayer to launch online wars attract people, just to find an attractive competition scene like the days of Street Fighter IV (but if, you know, the opus where we have a chance to have a French champion in EVO – the most important video game competition in the world of fighting games: Luffy – is at Japan Expo 2022 to present the game – and it is HAND Pink!).

To open up to a new audience, the game offers two types of controls: the “classic” style based on quarter circles on the joystick, or the “modern” style in which special moves activated by holding down one direction and a button (e.g. drama from the Serie Smash the Bro. from Nintendo or the old Tatsunoko VS Capcom if you stay later). The controller in hand, these modern controls make the game easier, but also not simplistic because it requires new players to invest in understanding timing and the priorities in these special acts. Also, for an experienced player street fighterthe game does not lack surprises with its many new resources and tools in the heat of battle.

The new Street Fighter is intended to be more accessible but will still require new players to invest in getting good combinations from the characters.

The game as it stands out is pretty pretty for us, presented in a PS5 version. Load times between fights are nicely reduced, making chain confrontations possible. Among the characters presented, newborn Jamie surprised us with his drunken human style portrayed by the actor. Jackie Chan. Ryu, Chun-Li and Luke (last character in Street Fighter V) seems familiar to us, despite the new look and new possibilities for each of them. With a calm feeling as we were close at first glance Street Fighter Vwe are eagerly awaiting the release of this title.

Another game we were interested in the first to review the occasion of Japan Expo 2022: An Odyssey piece and its promise of a JRPG old school !

Here is a new trailer where the developers reveal more mechanics in their upcoming title:

Surprise: One Piece Odyssey can be played during a controller-in-hand demonstration at Japan Expo!

The demonstration where we have to rescue Nami from the hands of a gorilla near King Kong serves as an instruction and clearly shows the roots of the game: the latter is very classic for a JRPG, especially you will find its bestiary interesting (designed by Eiichiro Oda itself) and clearly borrows from the behemoths of the genre for its “novelties” (the triangle of arms à la Fire Emblem hope Heroes of Monster Hunteror the weaknesses of persons).

The game sounds pretty cool to us, but maybe it’s a fan-service-related beauty: the game may be less appealing for players who aren’t fans of One Piece at the base. In any case, plan to go through this stand: you’ll get a substantial and powerful fan there to beat the summer heat!

Here’s an overview of the other principles that caught our attention.

For fun, figurines inspired by the famous video game “Fire Emblem – Three Houses.”
Gundam and video games, what more could more visitors ask for?
On the SEGA side, Sonic the Hedgehog will welcome you for the upcoming open world game, near Zelda – Breath oh the Wild at heart?
Do you like Persona 6? Publisher Atlus has Soul Hackers 2 waiting!
The impressive Nintendo stand, attracted many visitors as usual.

Publisher MiHoYo’s booths show us how popular they are: without a doubt, the Genshin Impact booth and its goodies shop seem to be one of the most attractive show points for the public, especially young people.
Fan of old video games? Many associations offer to search for titles on their original consoles. Same example here: Bomberman.
Behind this stand hides the famous Sakura Taisen of SEGA Saturn!
Dragon Ball FighterZ for the youngest and Dragon Ball Budokai III for the oldest, there is so much to do to play fist!

Despite some innovations or real announcements, such as news of video games in recent months, the Japan Expo has instead fulfilled its purpose, especially thanks to the surprise of a game. demonstration of An Odyssey piece. In any case, if you’re planning to go to Japan Expo 2022 to get your hands on a variety of games, you won’t be disappointed! Little bonus: multiple stands even clean up the controllers when different players take turns between terminals, a nice touch!

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