Ivana and Donald Trump, 15 years in a whirlwind romance

The former U.S. president announced the death of his ex -wife on Thursday July 14. Back fifteen years in a tumultuous romance, between social nights, adultery and loud divorce.

She was, long before the presidency, state scandals and accusations of sexual assault, Donald Trump’s first wife. Ivana Trump has died at the age of 73, in Manhattan, her ex -husband announced in a press release, published on Thursday July 14 on her Truth Social platform. “I am deeply saddened to inform those who loved her, and many, that Ivana Trump died at her home in New York,” she wrote. She is a wonderful, beautiful, incredible woman who leads a good and inspiring life. ”

Before adding: “Her three children, Donald Jr., Ivanka and Eric, are her joy and pride. She is very proud of them, and we are all very proud of her. Rest in peace, Ivana!” According to New York Post, the septuagenarian can be found helpless at the foot of his staircase. If the reasons for his disappearance have not been established, lvana Trump could have a heart attack. In recent years, the Czech-American businessman has developed a peaceful relationship with her ex-husband. It’s not, however, always that way.

A quick wedding

Donald and Ivana Trump, at the time a model, met in New York in 1976. The first 30 years – the second 27. One night recounted by the businesswoman in the columns of New York Post, four decades later. In the mid-1970s, Ivana was patient with her friends, hoping that a table could be used in a restaurant. At the time he was crossing the streets of the real estate magnate. “There was a tall blond with blue eyes, he recalled. He said:” I’m Donald Trump and I see you’re looking for a table. I can help you. “Then he went to his band:” The good news is that we have a table very quickly. The bad news is that this man will be sitting with us. ”

The billionaire pays the bill, then disappears. Ivana Zelníčková (in her youth) found him in the driver’s seat of her limousine, outside the establishment. The heir offered the group of friends to take him home. After that, the businessman and the former Olympic skier met again on several occasions. Thus began a whirlwind of romance. Less than a year after meeting, the couple sealed their union and gave birth to a son, Donald Jr., in December 1977. She welcomed Ivanka, in 1981, and Eric, in 1984.

In the video, Donald and Ivana Trump’s ad at Pizza Hut in 1995

“In 50 years, we’ll be Rockefellers”

In terms of public life, Ivana helps her new husband consolidate his fame. He was the one who found him nicknamed “The Donald”, which was picked up by all the American tabloids, where he also offered regular appearances. He, too, who says: “In 50 years, we’ll be Rockefellers.” He was again, who came back with him in an advertisement at Pizza Hut, in 1995. Together, they explored social evenings, like those at the Manhattan Awards, or the Tiffany ball.

Only downside: Donald Trump’s repeated betrayal, which may be right in their marriage. One of the billionaire’s conquests was none other than Marla Maples, a model she seduced in the early 1990s. Ivana discovered the pot of Christmas roses in 1989, during a stay in Aspen. The Trumps were immediately seen arguing, after Ivana allegedly collided with Marla Maples. It was too much for the businesswoman, who filed for divorce in 1992. Publicly, Donald Trump has denied any leaks. “It will be an amicable divorce, I promise you that,” he said at the time, according to People. Look, we never argued. The kids never saw anything wrong. And they will get better. She will get better. “

A violent divorce, dollars and a spy father

Privately, the divorce turned bloody. According to New York Daily News, Ivana Trump allegedly accused her husband of raping her and pulling her hair. Before recant, said under oath that he felt “violated”, but did not want to talk about rape “in the literal or criminal sense” of the term. However, she objected to their prenuptial agreement, which provided her custody of their three children as well as their $ 3 million (2.9 million euros) home in Connecticut, and a $ 25 million fine ( 24 million euros).

For her part, their eldest daughter cried in her heart. “Mom, does that mean my name is no longer Ivanka Trump?” he allegedly asked the businessman. Together, Ivana and Donald Trump reached a good deal. The billionaire’s ex-girlfriend received 14 million dollars (13 million euros) in compensation, and became the owner of a Connecticut mansion and a 118-room residence in Mar-a-Lago, Florida. In October 1990, Donald Trump even went to the grave of Ivana’s father, a spy who provided information to the magnate for the Czech and KGB secret services thanks to his daughter’s trust. After that, Ivana Trump will flee, for a moment, the spotlight.

“I am the first lady”

In 1993, Donald Trump married Marla Maples, where he gave birth to his daughter, Tiffany. Their divorce will be announced six years later. Relationships between the billionaire and his ex -wife Ivana remain, as it were for them, the most cordial. He may even be entitled to his personal phone line at the White House, under the Trump presidency.

Nor will he go on a crusade against Melania Trump, married to the politician since 2005. But he will allow himself this killer response, in 2017, in an interview with “Good Morning America”: jealousy or whatever, but I was Trump’s first wife, he said then. OK ra? I am the first lady. ”Words like their flamboyant and bizarre author, who will forever remain the name of her first husband, despite her two subsequent unions.

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