how does a dog view the world?

Do you want to understand your dog better? First you need to know how he recognizes his surroundings and the vision of dogs.

Sometimes we make the mistake of thinking that our pets notice events and understand the world as much as we do. In fact, thousands of years of evolution with us have allowed them to adapt to our lifestyles. So you’re right to think about how the dog sees the world. In fact, the vision of dogs is very different from ours.

Adopting the dog as a pet has been back for a very long time. Initially it was assumed that housekeeper or keeper of animalsit is now useful in many other specific areas, such as rescue, criminology, and so on. In fact, the dog’s skill gives him unique abilities. But doesn’t this dog skill that is now flooding social media also mean this their vision ? As you keep reading, you will demystify your accomplishments in the visual perception of dogs.

But really, what is the vision?

Simply put, the visions is the way to recognize the elements around us through vision. This perspective is very large influenced by light. The latter takes precedence over things. Then, thanks to a synergy between the brain and the retina, the eyes provide visual information.

Note that vision is not just about color variation. It also involves the perception of movements, shapes, fabrics, distances, and so on.

Some visual characteristics of the dog

The dog’s visual ability can be assessed through four important characteristics. These include field of vision, visual acuity, night vision, and frequency of vision.

The field of vision

Have you ever wondered why your dog always sees things coming up behind him? Don’t worry, you’re not delusional. The dog’s eyes cover a field beyond people.

Where man cannot see beyond 180 degrees, dogs can see see up to 280 degrees. This ability is due to the way the dog’s eyes are positioned.

Visual acuity

Now, if you think your dog’s eye is farther away than yours, think again! Despite appearances, dogs cannot see as much as humans. Depending on its variety, the scope of the dog’s vision is the same a few meters.

It has no long distance scene or short distance scene.

This is for two reasons. First, dogs don’t have that much cones than people. The cones are receptors located in the retina and that allows the eyes of visible in the sun. In addition, the dog’s optic nerve has small nerve fibers. This nerve is essential for visual performance.

night vision

You may have noticed that the eyes of your dogs shine in the dark, especially if you take a picture of him with a flash. This is due to an eye layer in animals such as dogs and cats. It’s about tapetum lucidum.

This is thanks to the tapetum the dog can see more in the dark what a man.

The frequency of vision

If you have a dog, especially if it is a different breed of dog shepherd, the answer to this may surprise you. This alert behavior is explained by iro visual analysis speed.

The dog sees pictures faster than us.

What seems to be too fast in humans can be common for dogs.

Eyes showing the vision of dogs

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Myths and misconceptions about dog vision

There are many myths about dog vision. These myths are often of concern kind of colors what the beast sees and the fact it can do see the supernatural. Let’s review them.

color myths

The dog cannot see all the colors that a human can see. The human retina allows him to see many colors, but in canine types colors are limited. Colors like red, orange or purple will not be noticed by your dog.

paranormal myths

According to popular thought, dogs see spirits. For now, it’s a belief that won’t last there is no scientific evidence. On the other hand, in physics, there are areas that are negatively charged and others that are positively charged. People don’t have the ability to feel these energies, but dogs obviously do.

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How do you know if your dog has vision problems?

Your pet may have vision problems and can can no longer see well. Many signs can alert you when this happens, including decreased his activity, difficulty finding his way back when you call him, and so on.

Another sign perhaps is the fact that he is often collide with objects that he could have seen. This is in fact the most obvious sign. In any case, in the face of this kind of anomaly, do not hesitate to take him to the vet.

In short, dog vision reveals a wider angle than humans. Also, the dog can see better in the dark. They understand images and analyze movements much faster than we do. On the other hand, people definitely have better visual acuity and are able to recognize colors better than their loyal friend. In any case, this connection gives more meaning to this great friendship that has lasted thousands of years.

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