FF16: the excluded PS5 chose to abandon the idea of ​​an open world for a good reason

Game News FF16: the excluded PS5 chose to abandon the idea of ​​an open world for a good reason

Now, interviews are raining down on Final Fantasy XVI! Each of them is the perfect opportunity to focus on the small details of the development of one of the PS5’s biggest exclusives. In addition to his ambitions for the world in this newly calculated stage, game producer Naoki Yoshida returns to the loss of an open world and what really makes the heart of a Final Fantasy game .


  • Linear, yes, but full of action!
  • An open world that is just too much

Linear, yes, but full of action!

Now it’s up to who’s behind the next number stagewhich is Naoki Yoshida, made a more vocal part of Final Fantasy XVI. The interviews, over a period of a few weeks, were not lacking but the developer was careful not to change himself and disstill with the little information three out of every three of these question sessions. and response. Recently interviewed by a Japanese magazine FamitsuNaoki Yoshida hasfor example, refers to this deliberate choice of a more action-oriented stagein the manner of Final Fantasy XV, and the summons he grants have enough power to destroy the game card!

FF16: the excluded PS5 chose to abandon the idea of ​​an open world for a good reason

There is no doubt about it, Final Fantasy XVI want to hit hard! But, for all that, the development teams didn’t fall into the trap of a development and, from the start of the game’s production, the choice was made not to offer an open world. The idea is not to be locked into a chaotic development like the previous number part and to build a stronger and better organized process of creation and production.. This is one of the explanations behind this decision, but it’s not the only thing that convinced Yoshida and his teams not to send sirens into the open world.

An open world that is just too much

The main constraint of this type of production is above all the time spent on development and sometimes, as in the case of Final Fantasy and as Naoki Yoshida explains, it is not possible to achieve everything. He said it would take at least 15 years to make this Final Fantasy XVI an open world game, while respecting what makes the license salt.

It is impossible to get everything. If we have time to develop in about 15 years, maybe we will have a chance to try out the open world (…) Need to understand the main lines of the game plan considering the strengths of the team itself . Thinking about it, I thought to myself, “I don’t think an open world will fit into what we planned. – Naoki Yoshida, producer of Final Fantasy XVI

Long before being taken to the head in one of the main licensing episodes, Naoki Yoshida said he first fell in love with the franchise and its codes. According to him, there are elements that are more important to him for Final Fantasy than the hope of an open world. In the turn of the interview, Yoshida is willing to quote what is on the mind when it comes to talking about Final Fantasy, and especially these specific things that should be felt in Final Fantasy XVI.

(Speaking of the first Final Fantasy) This is a movie like gaming experience. The production, the synchronization of the dialogue, the dramaturgy, the sound, …: all come together to create the best possible gaming experience. When a Chocobo or a Moogle was included, I thought it was already a Final Fantasy experience. This gaming experience should also be felt in Final Fantasy XVI (…) Delivering what we believe to be the best story, in a video game experience with cinematic ambitions, does not require an open world . – Naoki Yoshida, producer of Final Fantasy XVI

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