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Relations between Brazil and the United Arab Emirates are better than ever. This was confirmed by Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro, saying that the good relations of the Gulf country are an example of friendship where the two countries have benefited economically. Thanks to this close bond, start-ups in Brazil are in growing demand and there is every indication that they will be used by both countries for their mutual benefit.

According to Bolsonaro’s comments on the social network Twittergood relations with Emirates resulted in an Emirati program looking for new startups in the Latin American country. The Arab country is interested in investments in projects related to energy, water, design, architecture, transportation and logistics, as well as in conducting environmental studies or research on sustainable economics.

Bolsonaro therefore announced that the Sharja Advanced Industry Accelerator (SAIA) will remain operational until the middle of this year.. It is a program undertaken by the Emirati authorities where more than 750 companies have joined forces to create projects that are sustainable and friendly to the planet. This organization serves as a platform for companies to meet and disclose their new ideas or new products to the worldwide market.

The leader of Brazil took the opportunity to announce that 20 Brazilian startups have been selected to participate in the program. They sign up for free and compete for a prize awarded each year to the best projects done in these sectors. For Bolsonaro, the merger of technology companies from the two countries means a reduction in the Emirates ’economic confidence in the oil and gas sector.


SAIA will end their annual competition at the end of this year, where the best projects that work in the real world will be selected. The event is internationally renowned and, last year, 515 companies from 65 countries around the world signed up to participate and present new technological advances.

Brazil and the Emirates have a very important relationship in economic terms. Over the years, they have signed all sorts of agreements and memoranda in all sorts of fields that have led to a marked progress in all sectors in both countries.

Growing companies in Brazil

The president himself also claims that South American country companies have become more important. According to him, they are already advanced enough to gradually enter the world market. For the president himself, these companies have experienced positive and rapid growth in the country itself, which means that Brazil’s economic growth is very important internationally.


This result was obtained thanks to the implementation of a new legal framework in favor of start-ups. In recent years, companies dedicated to solving the problem have multiplied and the benefits they produce have been appreciated by the Brazilian authorities. Now, there are about 12,000 of these small businesses.

“The current model is not ideal for those who want to open a startup. Our goal is to simplify the process, reduce regulation and bureaucracy horizontally, and make it easier to attract investment and reduce costs. barrier. We want to promote disruptive and new business models, which can generate a lot of value ”said Gustavo Ene, industrial development secretary of the Special Secretariat for Productivity.

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As a result, safety law has been put in place, which is slow to arrive and benefits everyone who invests in this small business sector. In the past, the government only creates temporary instruments that improve the situation in the short termbut eventually, it all came back to what it was.

“The interim measure has eased the state, reduced bureaucracy. This is important for early-stage entrepreneurs, such as beginners, so that they can get off to a better start and focus on what really matters: creating new products, services, reading the market, or opportunities through business participation. Invest and time to create value rather than solving tax, legal or labor issues, ”the secretary continued.

Coordinator for America: José Antonio Sierra

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