A new dynamic in Vietnamese-French relations | policy

Hanoi (VNA) – France celebrated, Thursday, July 14, the 233rd anniversary of its national holiday. Nearly five decades after establishing their diplomatic relations, Vietnam and France still maintain fruitful cooperation in all fields. This momentum continued in the first months of 2022.

A conference on trade and tourism promotion between Vietnam and France in Paris in June 2022. Photo: VOV

Relations between France and Vietnam are based on a long shared history and were elevated to the level of strategic partnership in 2013.

In the first months of 2022, while the Covid-19 epidemic is under control, cooperation projects between the two countries are intensified. At the economic level, more than 80 companies from the Île-de-France region participated in a forum on investment opportunities in Vietnam organized at the end of June in Paris.

According to Marie -Christine Oghly, President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Paris – Ile de France, Vietnam is continuing economic reform for a rapid transition towards modernization, industrialization and urbanization. Today, it has become an increasingly important link in the global value chain.

Thus, French companies seeking to invest in Vietnam aim not only to conquer a potential market with 100 million inhabitants and a rapidly growing middle class, but also to enter other major markets in Asia. Geert Dom, a representative of Deep C, which now operates a large industrial park in Hai Phong (north), said Vietnam is one of the most attractive Asia-Pacific destinations for European investors.

“For European and French companies, there are many business strategy opportunities in” China Plus One “. Western companies have left China or set up more factories in another country. In fact, these companies are want to diversify their activities while staying in the international and Chinese markets.So it is natural that their choices go to Vietnam, because they can take advantage of free trade agreements and its huge market potential , ”He said.

In the field of culture, in June, for the first time, Vietnam participated in the celebrations of the consulate in Lyon, an annual event organized for more than 20 years. Traditional Vietnamese music and costumes were chosen to open the party. The opportunity for Vietnam to introduce its culture to Europeans.

“We are lucky this year to be invited by the town of Lyon to represent Vietnam at a consular party. This festival that will take place in France brings together many consuls who all represent the countries. It is also an honor for us to make the inauguration with the Vietnamese ambassador to France and the mayor of Lyon.Every year, this consular holiday becomes more and more important and we hope to be able to represent Vietnam for the next year 2023. A date to mark the th 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between France and Vietnam ”, one said Roland Beaumont, President of the Association“ Asia New Generation Vietnam ”(ANGV) which is one of the most active in the promotion of Vietnamese culture in France.

Also at the beginning of 2022, an agreement on cooperation in the field of civil service and administrative modernization was signed between the Vietnamese Ministry of the Interior and the French Ministry of Transformation and Public Service.

“This agreement will help professionalize the Vietnamese civil service, to support young managers, local authorities and some ministries during the period 2022-2025. The goal is to make Vietnam have a professional , a responsible, dynamic, transparent and efficient civil service ”, explained the Minister of Interior Affairs of Vietnam, Pham Thi Thanh Trà.

2023 is yet another richer year for cooperation between Vietnam and France, which will celebrate the 50th anniversary of the establishment of their bilateral relationship and the 10th anniversary of their strategic partnership. – VOV/VNA

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