you won’t find it cheaper than pCloud with life-validating offers

To access all your files from any connected device, nothing beats an online storage service like pCloud. The Swiss company also has the particularity of offering subscriptions that are valid for life, which are sold out within a few days.

Usually charged a year, or even a month, an online file hosting service can cost a lot after many years. To achieve significant savings, but also have peace of mind, the Swiss company pCloud has a unique offer in the market.

This cloud storage service has the unique feature of having lifetime valid subscriptions (99 years accurate) in its catalog. You only pay them once, then enjoy them until the end of your days.

Until July 15, these lifetime savings deals are on sale, and you won’t find a better value. An example: 2 TB of storage for life costs only 245 euros, the equivalent of a 3 -year subscription to a competing service.

Simplicity as a key word

The best file hosting service is the easiest to use. The pCloud company understands this very well, by increasing the number of access points in its service. Whether you’re on your computer, iOS or Android mobile device, or even someone else’s PC, pCloud is always easily accessible, from an app or browser. Then, a simple drag and drop allows you to send your files to the hosting service. Everything is synchronized in real time across your various devices.


PCloud also takes care of the file and folder sharing function. Thus it is possible to create download links to share with anyone, or conversely to invite close associates selected in a folder that they can edit. You can even send links to the repository, where anyone can share large files with you.

Good secure data

Since your data can be sensitive, you need to think about ensuring it is accurate. And that starts with finding the servers that host them. PCloud is a Swiss player, which hosts your data on servers located in the European Union, and more precisely in Luxembourg. Thus the company fully complies with the GDPR and carefully respects Swiss law on the protection of privacy.

pcloud - 4

PCloud also applies TLS/SSL encryption to all files that pass from your devices to the servers. Security that ensures the confidentiality of your documents at the time of transfer, where they are most vulnerable.

To continue, pCloud has at least one Encryption option at 4.99 euros per month. Thanks to this, you personally protect the files you choose behind an encryption key that only you know. No person or institution can access your data, because it is directly encrypted on your device.

Lifetime storage at a short price

Until July 15, pCloud allows you to save on life -valid storage offers. Only one fee will be requested when subscribing. After that, your storage space can be used for life, without having to pay any additional fees.

Three offers are available with discounts up to -80%:

  • 500 GB for life for 122.5 euros;
  • 2 TB for life for 245 euros;
  • 10 TB for life for 990 euros.

Rates seem high at first glance, but are actually much easier to access than the competition when it comes to the year. If it is estimated that you will benefit from a 500 GB subscription over a period of 40 years, its price per year will only reach 3 euros. You won’t find it cheaper.

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