UNICEF and BTS are celebrating the success of the ‘groundbreaking’ LOVE MYSELF campaign

SEOUL/NEW YORK, October 6, 2021 UNICEF, record company BIGHIT MUSIC and pop group BTS, are a true icon of XXIe century, celebrated this week the unparalleled success of the LOVE MYSELF campaign, which sent a positive message to almost every country in the world to encourage young people to love themselves and take care of themselves.

Since 2017, LOVE MYSELF has generated nearly five million tweets and more than 50 million interactions (likes, retweets, replies, comments, etc.), according to a new analysis* in the flagship report from UNICEF, The State of the Children of the World 2021, published yesterday.

“We started the message of LOVE MYSELF to reach young people, try to improve their lives and help them claim their rights,” BTS said. “This approach also inspires us to use this motto ourselves, which has grown us personally and collectively. We hope that as many people as possible realize that they can gain, from the signs of kindness in others, resilience. -on necessary to love themselves. »

The South Korean band, which has 38 million Twitter followers, and its record label, BIGHIT MUSIC, partnered with UNICEF in the fall of 2017 to fight violence, abuse and bullying and to boost self-esteem. and welfare of children and young people. anywhere.

Since then, BTS has raised US $ 3.6 million for UNICEF’s efforts to end violence, spoke to state and world leaders at the United Nations General Assembly in New York, and exclusively released a music video to support the UNICEF campaign calling for kindness and compassion. The group has also set up information campaign stands at concerts around the world, to help everyone protect themselves and others from acts of violence and violence.

Recently, the personal reflections of BTS members have been a great help for children and young people who feel isolated, frustrated and isolated from the world due to the distractions of their daily lives. life, education and entertainment provided by COVID ‑ 19.

“If looking to raise self-esteem and improve mental health, one of the most important things to do is open up a conversation. The groundbreaking approach that BTS has taken to deliver a positive message of his “ARMY” is simply incomparable and absolutely valuable, ”said UNICEF Executive Director Henrietta Fore. “We thank the group for all their hard work in leading this important initiative and for their support of UNICEF over the past four years. »

Earlier this year, BTS and BIGHIT MUSIC renewed their commitment to the LOVE MYSELF campaign, announcing a contribution of more than US $ 1 million to UNICEF, in addition to funds raised from the sale of LOVE MYSELF derivative products and about the income from LOVE YOURSELF. album.

“We want the LOVE MYSELF message to continue to flow and bring joy to everyone’s life,” BTS added. “The seven of us are very happy to continue this campaign to give back all the love we have received and give people the strength to love themselves. We hope to continue to serve this cause and to play our role as speakers to encourage kindness and promote happiness. »


Editors’ Notes:

*The figures published in the report about the campaign on social networks come from an analysis conducted on Twitter (5 million tweets); source: Twitter internal data, 2017-2021, retrieved September 2021 (global); and via Talkwalker (50 million interactions).

UNICEF flagship report, The State of the Child of the World offers the most comprehensive analysis of world trends affecting children. The State of the World’s Children 2021. Inside My Head: Promoting, Protecting and Supporting the Mental Health of Children interested in the mental health of children, adolescents and their caregivers on the 21ste century.

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