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You won’t forget Thor, Jane Foster and their friends. Nor is the Guardians of the Galaxy, which appears at the beginning of the film. But did you find the even lower cameos in “Love and Thunder”?

WARNING – The article below has minor spoilers for “Thor – Love and Thunder”, as it mentions some of its cameos. Definitely anecdotal in terms of the overall plot, but please continue if you want to know nothing.

Is Marvel without a cameo a Marvel? Since the first Iron Man and the appearance of Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury after the final credits, there have been countless actors and actresses happening in one head according to the various stages. Sometimes to tempt the future. The remaining time for a simple flash. Thor-Love and Thunder is clearly no exception to the rule, but its main guests are revealed from the start of filming, and in the trailer.

It’s actually the Guardians of the Galaxy, which Thor leaves at the end of the Avengers End game, and which we see at the beginning of the story. But we’ll find other familiar faces throughout the story, even if we don’t have to easily identify them all.


When Jane Foster traveled to Asgard, dragged by the rest of Mjölnir, pieces of the hammer were displayed under a glass bell jar for tourists to see. And their guide is none other than Darryl, played by actor, screenwriter and director Daley Pearson, whose name may not sound when he appears at MCU. But not in movies or series: in short films.

Because he was Thor’s roommate in three hilarious short films by Taika Waititi, in a style à la The Office (or What We Do In The Shadows,) created by the director from his own feature film in mockumentary form). The first two tell us what the hero did during the events of the Civil War.

And the latter puts Jeff Goldblum on stage, to show us what he was like after Ragnarok and his fall in Sakaar. To the great chagrin of Darryl, who was looking for a new roommate and saw him arrive. So everyone suggests that he is now a resident of Asgard, where he has a new job, if not living in the same apartment as Thor.


Like Darryl, other fun cameos are no longer new. Because even if the inhabitants of Asgard change places, the cultural life of the kingdom is still good. The theater scene at least, represented by this troupe replaying past films for us. And its actors are composed of Matt Damon, who wears Loki’s costume. Luke Hemsworth (Chris’s brother), wearing Thor’s. And Sam Neill, Alan Grant of Jurassic Park, is still not known as Odin, he who also plays under the direction of the director of the beautiful The Hunt for the Wilderpeople.

The Walt Disney Company in France

Matt Damon, Luke Hemsworth and Sam Neill in “Thor Ragnarok”

The trio this time around is accompanied by Melissa McCarthy, aka the evil Hela, played by Cate Blanchett in Thor Ragnarok. While Ben Falcone, actor and husband of the actress revealed to My Best Friends, appeared in a managerial role during the series. If Taika Waititi signs up for another Marvel hero adventure, the big question is who will play the stage versions of Jane Foster and Gorr, here played by Natalie Portman and Christian Bale.

Finally, the most cautious (during the film or in the credits) can’t fail to notice that the wolf girl who accompanies Thor in the story told by Korg (Taika Waititi) is played by Elsa Pataky. Even Chris Hemsworth’s wife, too, is not known.

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