They were vying for custody of their royal bourbon in court

One dog, two families! Kola’s life could change from one day to another depending on the new court decision. On September 21, 2021, already, the court of Saint-Pierre recognized Evelyne (first name) of her right to own Kola. On the contrary, Vanessa (loan) regrets this decision because the dog has lived with her for 5 years. As the de facto owner, he has suffered all the costs inherent in animal life since 2017. Not to mention the link that has been made between the two.

Kola is a royal bourbon female dog that was probably born on the road south of the island. Near the bus stop in Etang-Salé les Bains three small dogs were taken on a fine day in 2017.

The two friends agree that each will recover a stray dog

“I picked them up on the street, near the bus stop, after reporting their presence on Facebook”began Vanessa.

Despite the fact that she lives in an apartment, Vanessa welcomes three dogs for a few months into her home, hoping for the better. A house with a garden especially. Events went well over the weeks. One of the puppies sees a family in Paris, the second, baptized Naïs, is kept by Vanessa. The third will be called Kola and Evelyne will adopt him at the end of December 2017.

The two friends, who are animal protection volunteers, get along well to the point that, having difficulty finding shelter at one point, Evelyne asks Vanessa to help her. So the two friends lived under the same roof for a few months, the time for Evelyne to find her own home.

As she adopted him, Evelyne brought Kola back to Vanessa two months later

“I hosted Evelyne for free at the time because she was homeless”Vanessa explained. “He found his place at the end of February 2018 but he brought Kola back to me at the end of April, telling me that things were not going well and that he couldn’t keep him going, especially since his dog Bella wouldn’t accept. . to him and that he does foolish things “report by Vanessa.

After being placed briefly under the name of an association when she was rescued from the street, the dog was naturally placed under the name Evelyne in December 2017 with ICAD, the organization that handles the identifications. This change of owner was a detail at the time but it will take on full importance after that.

“That’s why I brought Kola back in April 2018. The deal with Evelyne was to contact the association again to put her in a new adoptive family and that I would keep Kola in a foster family. while I look for another family. “, by Vanessa. But the months passed and not the shadow of an adopted family in the sky.

“After a year of Kola being at home, I told my friend: “Listen, you were supposed to take care of everything financially and after 3, 4 months you stopped paying for his dewormers, his kibbles and his care”, said Vanessa who, all of a sudden, became attached to Kola to the point of no longer wanting to break up with him. In the face of this refusal to return her dog, Evelyne, the real owner of the identification papers, therefore filed a complaint. Faced with this material evidence, Vanessa highlights the costs incurred and the connectivity that can be made vis-à-vis this animal. “I took a dog I haven’t had in a year”explains Vanessa, whose arguments, however, did not influence the verdict last September.

The Saint-Pierre criminal court ruled in favor of … Evelyne, the one who was therefore only burdened with responsibility and the burden of the animal a few months after her rescue. The story may end there because Vanessa is obligated to hand Kola over to her ex -friend Evelyne, but that doesn’t take into account Kola’s mistress’s determination. He decided to appeal the verdict and Kola now remains at home in Saint-Leu.

In the camp opposite, Evelyne lacked no arguments to assert her animal rights.

According to his version, his friend, who is angry with him now, did everything to stop him from getting Kola. All while developing false allegations.

The Court of Appeals to decide between the two women

Her ex-friend will develop various allegations such as the fact that Kola is ill, that she is in a complicated phase, is stressed, or even refuses to eat… so that it doesn’t come back to her in recent times. year. “My client has no reason to doubt his friend”recontextualizes Evelyne’s lawyer into the arguments made with the judges.

His client then objected that he wanted to get rid of his dog Kola by leaving him to take care of his friend. Evelyne doesn’t fail to remember that, when she gave her friend’s dog temporary custody, she would always visit him and take a walk. “My client made verbal requests to his friend to return the dog, but he also saw his closeness to Kola. As a result, he did not want to rush him, thinking that time would do his job “the lawyer added to his arguments to explain why his client had long wanted the animal recovered.

So nothing happened. Instead of agreeing to Kola’s future home, his two mistresses gave a real headache to the Saint-Denis Court of Appeal. This upcoming hearing will (probably) end this unique ping-pong for animal conservation.

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