Polygon (MATIC) Joins Disney Accelerator Along with Other Web3 Projects

Polygon (MATIC) teams will participate in Disney’s support program along with five other projects, three of which are linked to Web3. The latter will benefit from the skill of the entertainment giant, to facilitate their progress.

Polygon will benefit from Disney’s expertise

The sidechain polygon take advantage of the program Disney Acceleratorfor its development. In fact, the entertainment giant has announced projects that have the opportunity to benefit from personal support and we found several Web3 projects on the list.

Disney’s initiative, through its accelerator, consists of giving a lever for growth phase projects. The latter benefited from advice from the management team as well as from the appointed mentor. It’s an all-summer getaway and that ends with a day of demonstrations at Walt Disney Studios in Burbankin California.

We don’t know to what extent Polygon’s projects have a connection to Disney. However, there is a good chance that this is due to the experiences in the gaming environment, the metaverse and non-fungible token (NFT). The Polygon Studio division is effective specialize in this branch of our ecosystem .

This makes all the more sense because Disney has determined that this year’s selection of projects focuses precisely on augmented reality, artificial intelligence and NFTs.

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The Walt Disney Company supports startups

Bonnie Rosen, Executive Director of the Disney Accelerator program expressed his pride about the department he heads:

“For nearly a century, Disney has been at the forefront of using technology to create the fun experiences of the future. Disney Accelerator is excited to be part of that legacy, and in our new class of business, we look forward to maintaining our commitment to innovation. […]. »

The program has an example accompanied by Epic Games in the previous session. In this promotion of 6 projects, we also found three other startups directly or indirectly involved in Web 3.0.

Obsess allows you to create virtual 3D stores. This is especially applicable for the development of NFTsin the metaverse. In part, FlickPlay makes it possible to create immersive NFT experiences by linking them to real-world geographic locations. Finally, the Lockervese project was presented as a Web3 platform for content creators.

The technologies related to NTFs and the metaverse are just theirstheir origins . However, the interest shown in them by players like Disney is inspiring about the potential to develop these innovations in the future.

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