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OKTOGONE, a key player in digital learning education and training, announced its connection, on June 21, to the European higher education platform AD Education.

Together, the two players seek to create new training courses and expand the group’s presence in online training.

Created in 2002 by Régis Micheli, Oktogone now has more than 140 employees distributed between its head offices in Sophia-Antipolis, Paris, Nice and Dardilly. Oktogone has developed an extensive online training course to support employees, students and job seekers in developing and managing their careers, through two major online learning platforms: ISCOD , a completely online school offering 100% job study courses, and VISIPLUS academy, an online continuing education organization for professionals.

With a forecast turnover of € 32 million by 2022, Oktogone has joined the AD Education network, a leading European platform for higher education and teaching more than 22,000 students in 15 schools across the country. Europe: France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Greece.

In a context where distance learning has experienced unprecedented enthusiasm, both players seek, thanks to this combination, to facilitate the digitalization of the training courses offered by AD Education. Oktogone will rely on a large portfolio of face-to-face training from the AD Education group. New offers will also come out.

“We are very pleased to welcome Oktogone within AD Education. We share common values ​​as well as the DNA of a group of entrepreneurs. The complementarity of our offerings and our expertise in higher education is anchored to the group in a long-term leadership position in a growing market in higher education.We look forward to working with the Oktogone teams and accelerating the digitalization of the group in France and internationally.- Kevin GUENEGAN, President of the AD Education Group

The training scene has undergone profound changes over the years, and we are always committed to offering every learner a training approach that allows them to free themselves from their constraints. to build skills and ensure optimal learning progression. This merger with AD Education marks an important step in the development of Oktogone, and we look forward to working with the AD EDUCATION teams to further democratize the use of online training in France and Europe. – Régis MICHELI, Founder of Oktogone


The Oktogone Group is a key player in training and employment in the digital age. The group brings together through its various brands a set of expertise to support employees, students and job seekers in managing their careers. Oktogone also supports companies in developing the skills of their employees in a process of ongoing training, internal mobilization or even recruitment. More information: www.oktogone.com


Europe’s leader in private higher education in the field of creative training, AD Education (ADE) was created in 2009 by Kévin Guenegan after taking over the École de Condé and merged 17 schools located in 68 campuses in 10 European countries. . The ADE network trains 29,000 students in the fields of design, graphic arts, animation, video games, communications, digital, audiovisual, culture and luxury and is committed to offering training at the highest level of proficiency to students and students. in order to make them “Creative Thinkers”, tomorrow’s citizens are endowed with a critical mindset intended to understand the challenges of our society.

AD Education operates under the brands École de Condé, ECV – Creative Schools & Community, IAAD, Accademia Italiana, CEV, ESP – École Supérieure de Publicité, ESD – École Supérieure du Digital, ECV Digital, EAC, Institut National de Gemmologie – ING, Ecole Supérieure du Parfum, CES, HMKW, Barreira Arte + Desiño, IMAAT, SAE Institute Europe, Asfored-Edinovo, ISCOD and Visiplus Academy.

More information: www.ad-education.com

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