‘Love Is Blind’ Production Company Responds to Lawsuit

Love is blind the production company, Kinetic Content, responded to former competitors by Jeremy Hartwell lawsuit-claiming that there is no truth to his allegations.

“Mr. Hartwell’s involvement in Season 2 of Love is blind lasted less than a week, ”said a representative of the production company. We are Weekly Thursday, July 14. “Unfortunately, for Mr. Hartwell, his journey ended early after he failed to develop a meaningful bond with another participant. While we do not speculate on his motives for taking legal action, Mr. Hartwell’s allegations are completely baseless.

Kinetic Content concludes its statement by revealing that “we will strongly defend ourselves against these allegations.”

The company’s response comes just a day after the Chicago native filed a lawsuit making serious allegations about how Netflix and its producers treated the cast of the reality series.

In court documents obtained by we on Wednesday, July 13, the University of Michigan alum alleged that “the only beverages that [the show] What the actors regularly provide are alcoholic drinks, soft drinks, energy drinks and mixers ”, further stating that“ hydrating drinks like water are strictly limited to the actors of the day ” .

The documents also allege that cast members were not allowed to contact friends and family on arrival. “Sometimes defendants leave cast members alone for hours without access to a telephone, food, or any kind of contact with the outside world until they are forced to return to production work. , “according to docs. Lily.

Hartwell’s attorney, Chantal Payton at Payton Employment Law, PC, in Los Angeles, also claimed in a statement Wednesday that the show “deliberately unpaid cast members, deprived them of food, water and sleep, poured them alcohol and cut off their access to personal contacts. and much of the outside world “, making candidates” yearn for social connections and damage their emotions and decision-making “.

Jeremy Hartwell

Ser Baffo/Netflix

Hartwell was one of 30 cast members selected for Season 2 of Love Is Blind, which began airing earlier this year. After failing to find love, however, she finally didn’t show up on the show and moved on to the after pod phase of the experiment.

In February, the CFO shared “a quote from my diary after returning from Love is blind pods ”via Instagram. The entry described her experience on the show as “surreal and somewhat disconnected, like I was caught in the current of the river that suddenly rose up around me.”

Hartwell captioned the post, writing, “Filming Love is blind was one of the most memorable and memorable events of my life and through journaling and meditation it remained an experience I was at peace with, regardless of the ups and downs.

The UMass alum also added that he had “no regrets” about not being part of the group that participated without the show, as those who didn’t get through the pods “always had a richer experience”.

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