Holiday readings: 10 books with love stories…

After loveby Tanya Byrne (Ed. Hachette novels)

Released on June 15, 2022, this novel translated from English by Luc Rigoureau has the tone of a Netflix series, so we won’t be surprised to see it hit the platform in a few months! There are all the ingredients: a love story, charming heroes and a sign of the paranormal that almost goes into the fantasy genre. Well, it’s a romance Young Adult (even in the category YES or young people). The novel is also mentioned for its cover, representing a lesbian kiss.

In fact, the story introduces us to Ash and Poppy, two teenage girls who love each other. To end the year in style, they decided to get together on New Year’s Eve. The only problem: Ash forgot to warn his parents who, in anger, ordered him to go home immediately. On the way, just before midnight, the young woman was sadly struck by a car. From that deadly moment, Ash has to join the ranks of the Reapers and forget about Poppy … a mission he clearly rejects.

hearerby Alice Oseman (Ed. Hachette novels)

Since the series ’release in April 2022, fans have flocked to Alice Oseman’s eponymous graphic novels, first published in 2019. If volume 5 of the comics is planned for 2023, that brings enthusiasm around Netflix production , let’s get the first four volumes (An encounter, A secret, A trip to Paris and Serious things). The story follows two high school students, Nick and Charlie, whose passions, characters and social circles are so different that their paths rarely cross. However, chance and fate combine to give birth to a strong friendship, painted by growing feelings. The characters are touching and realistic, so they are easily recognizable.

The designs are soft, in pastel tones, and reminiscent of Japanese style cute. An ideal read for lovers of the series, or for any young adult looking for a beautiful story full of real -life emotions and echoes, in today’s questions.

He who became the sun, by Shelley Parker-Chan (Ed. Bragelonne)

Let’s make a little leap apart from gender Young Adult, to dive into the world of fantasy literature. Published in May 2022, this novel is full of tough and unforgiving characters. The story, linked to the history of the Ming dynasty, takes us to China in 1345, when many villages were suffering from great famine. But the facts of history are changed by the imagination of the author, who creates a unique queer heroine, named Zhu. Addressing the themes of fate, identity, power and revenge, Shelley Parker-Chan introduces us to a brother and sister whose future was foretold when they were young: the former was promised great glory, while the latter saw of himself condemned to comply. nothing special. However, the events don’t quite end as planned, as Zhu will never stop fighting to counter this miracle! After the horrific death of his family, he pretends to be his brother, like a Mulan, and embarks on a path that promises to be unusual.

Love, Creekwood, by Becky Albertalli (Ed. Pocket Youth)

completion I, Simon, 16, Homo Sapiensthe novel that inspired the series Love, Victor (produced by Hulu), American author Becky Albertalli continues the second part, which was published in June 2022. Once again, this is a novel intended for young adults, whose characters experience their first relationships in love and discover themselves, little by little. We see the characters of Simon and Blue, who have just met “in real life”, with no protection on their interposed screens and their endless exchange of messages. In this new novel, heroes and heroines are separated despite their different university options and have to build their daily lives, far away from each other.

And if you (or your teens) like the writer’s universe, don’t hesitate to consult the rest of his bibliography: teen stories, full of emotions and inclusive, his specialty! We will also discuss And why not us?, co -written with Adam Silvera, was published in October 2018 by Hachette Romans. And for fans of the series Love, Victor, Season 3 was released in June 2022 on Disney +.

Evelyn Hugo’s seven husbands, by Taylor Jenkins Reid (Ed. Hauteville)

If you are a fan of chains Booktube or Instagram accounts bookish, you’ve probably already seen this novel on social networks. Even if it was published at the end of 2019 already, the book was crowned with a new wave of success because it found itself in the hands of the creators of the literary interior, most of them did not hesitate to put it high. at their best reading. in the year. On Instagram, the title has seen more than 63,000 events and dozens of creations fan art, not to mention selfies in a green dress – same with Evelyn. The latter is none other than the protagonist of the novel, 80 years old and eager to tell the smallest detail about his life course full of twists and turns. To collect this unique story, journalist Monique Grant unbuttoned her most beautiful pen and listened with a sharp ear, ready to discover the underworld of Evelyn Hugo’s seven marriages. However, he is far from doubting that in addition to unexpected confessions about the mysterious woman’s true love, he will soon see a beautiful friendship blossom again.

The birds of timeby Amal El-Mohtar and Max Gladstone (Ed. Mnemos)

A poetic love story, woven through beautiful forbidden letters … The pitch of the novel immediately announces color: skin-deep emotions, sadness and epistolary romance against a background of conflict . In fact, the protagonists are two warriors who belong to opposite camps and are also separated by the barriers of time, forming a secret relationship, to find comfort, peace and happiness, in spite of everything. Unfortunately, this love represents a dangerous forbidden fruit, in the name of which they are obliged to put many things at risk. A unique read that is still very little known, released in the spring of 2021, but that is worth a detour.

The Song of Achillesby Madeline Miller (Ed. Pocket)

In June 2022, the American author announced on his Instagram account that this pathetic book, which has won numerous awards, has only reached 2 million copies sold. Released in 2015, the book is one of the nuggets rediscovered on social networks, applauded by Tik Tok and flown to the shelves of bookstores in much the same way as newer publications. By revisiting the tragic love story of demigod Achilles and his ally Patroclus, at the heart of the Trojan War, Madeline Miller finds her specialty: the most romantic characters in mythology! After the Greek duet, he was also interested in the witch Circe and Nereid Galatea, in two more works. But to return to Song of Achilles, note that the specifics of the story are in the choice of the narrative point of view, knowing that the story is told through the eyes of Patroclus. From the childhood of the heroes, it ended with the horrible ending we knew so well, but we were touched as if we knew it for the first time. The tears of Tik Tok users prove it!

Jefferson’s world and Rose’s anger, by Illana Cantin (Ed. Hachette Romans)

As the French writer shared on Instagram in early July 2022, his novel Rose Kasuko will be released again on August 24 with a beautiful Korean cover. Released at the end of 2020, it’s one that’s more about feminism, when a group of students organize a strike in their high school. But it’s not just the young author’s remarkable novel: the Jefferson’s world, whose second volume was published at the end of 2021, is a group of seven friends living their final year of high school and trying to keep their most cherished secrets while keeping their friendship. In the same vein as Can control the heartthis story Teenagers responds to current issues and paints modern characters. A book to be offered to a young adult or a teenager who wants to rediscover the joy of reading.

Aristotle and Dante dived into the waters of the world, by Benjamin Alire Sàenz (Ed. Pocket Youth)

Released in May 2022, this second volume outlines the continuation ofAristotle and Dante discovered the secrets of the universe, and appeal to teenagers and adults. With poetry and tenderness, the author tells the love story of Ari and Dante, two boys who support each other in the face of the turmoil imposed on them in life. In fact, Ari’s brother is in prison, which fills him with grief and anger. But Dante’s joy of living is an unparalleled support of the trials he goes through, and the two protagonists indulge in unforgettable adventures and discoveries, bringing us into their universe just for them.

The House in the middle of the Cerulean Seaby TJ Klune (Ed. of Saxus)

Paragraph taken from our article Our reading tips to start the summer of 2022.

Fans of the fantasy genre, this book released in May 2022 is likely to beat you, because it beat me, in just a few pages. We meet the character of Linus Baker, a shy forty-something who works for the Ministry of Magical Youth. When his superiors entrust him with a confidential mission, he finds himself sent to a remote island, with the intention of checking into a local orphanage. The only problem: the residents, unusually young creatures, were presented to him as very dangerous. But these lone children, as well as the mysterious director of the establishment, would soon melt his heart. A touching, inclusive and humorous story, carrying an important message of acceptance.

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