“He chose to see me dead rather than homo”

Stéphane Bern and the ban on his homosexuality with his mother: “He chose to see me dead rather than homo” (Photo by Michel GILE/Gamma-Rapho via Getty Images)

On this night of the national holiday, who better than Stéphane Bern to run the public service? At the controls of the “Concert de Paris” broadcast in France 2 this Thursday, July 14, 2022, Stéphane Bern accepted a new challenge. An important character on the small screen in France, she has recently made more intimate secrets about her childhood, and especially her complicated relationship with her mother, which she never said anything about. his homosexuality.

Stéphane Bern is a special creature, often where you don’t expect him to. Enthusiastic about history from an early age, and a fierce defender of French heritage, he also hides the mistakes and sorrows of childhood that he rarely mentions. If he was fine now with his skin, and he never hid his homosexuality, it wouldn’t always be easy for the young man he used to be. Especially vis-à-vis his mother who was very authoritarian and never willing to listen to her son.

Video. Stéphane Bern recounts what ruined his life as a couple

Stéphane Bern’s homosexuality was always forbidden by his mother

Stéphane Bern’s mother, named Melita Schlanger, is of Polish descent. As a translator, she is fluent in five languages ​​and is very quick to want to pass on her knowledge to her son. Not always in a gentle and kind way. “Can you imagine that when I revised my English or German lessons, I accepted the absolute yes” said Stéphane Bern of Seven to Eight on TF1, in January 2022. In this interview, the host returned to profile of this authoritarian mother, herself raised by a Prussian father. At home, the key word: perfection. Although it meant having to bow down under beatings, as Stéphane Bern recalls: “I was beaten when necessary, because at that time bodily punishment existed. This atmosphere in no way defiled the love that was always felt. by Stéphane Bern for his “captivity” mother, but who brought him a lot of “gentleness too.”

However, there is one thing that is forbidden at home: Stéphane Bern’s homosexuality. “She said to me: ‘I’d rather we not talk about it’, but she knew. Mothers always knew” she recalled on TF1. Before she died of diabetes in 1992, Stéphane Bern’s mother systematically refused to talk about her son’s sexuality. And the latter also accepted his decision: “He always told me, ‘You’ll do what you want after I’m done.’ I never wanted to shock him, I always made sure he didn’t have to deal with a lot of things in my life, personal things.In 2018, on Marc-Olivier Fogiel’s Le Divan program, Stéphane Bern was watching in this big taboo with his mother around his sexuality: “It’s impossible to talk to my mother about it. He told me, but I think he was ‘I don’t think, well, that he’d rather see me dead than homo.’

Video. “I never wanted to shock him”: Stéphane Bern reveals that he never mentioned his sexuality to his mother

“All I do on TV, in my professional life, is please him”

But make no mistake about it: Stéphane Bern has always loved his mother. Even now, he continues to do so. In a more or less mysterious way. “She is there, every day, with me. My dead live with me! They are permanent with me. I live with my Pantheon. I love them” she told Audrey Crespo-Mara on TF1, sore throat and tears at the edge of the eye. Stéphane Bern never hid it: he firmly believed in the signs ahead, where his mother and grandmother watched over him every day. In 2017, the host did not hesitate a second to lend himself a session on a medium organized by the magazine Télé Star. “I believe in life after death, I believe in any case that everything is connected,” he said before his big interview.

A few minutes later, the medium claimed to have spoken to Stéphane Bern’s mother: “She’s talking to me right now and told me she likes this place”, she dropped, describing the host as “problem. In the eyes.” “to his mother. “’Tell my son I love him.’ He said to me: ‘We can see you from there, don’t think we can’t see you’. “

Very touched by this untimely moment, Stéphane Bern struggled to control his emotion: “I’m used to the blow, but it’s enough to be filled with emotion. I know my father was very proud, but my mother, of sadly, no.There is plenty of time to show it or tell me.Everything I do on TV, in my professional life, on the radio, is just to please him.I am glad to hear that he is happy, that he makes me proud. “

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