what bothered him when he lived with Jérôme

Unbelievable but true! A few days before their wedding, Lucile knocked down her groom! What happened? We tell you everything!

Lucile, more money than ever!

If he still knew that experience Love is in the pasture to make her very happy, Lucile would have taken the first step forward. In any case, he barely saw Jerome’s profile than he knew he was his Prince Charming. Grabbing her best pen, she will do everything to persuade him to invite her to speed up the dating.

After a few months of imprisonment, the magic happens. Despite the tense presence of M6 cameras and technical teams, Cupid targeted them by a thousand. We tell you behind the scenes of their existence in the smallest subtleties. You can see that even for Alexandre and Mathieu’s BFFs, everything almost changed in just a few seconds!

This will be a detail for you …

The filming was almost never over as Lucile made a shocking decision. Unable to live without the comforting look of her man, she settled on her farm. Also, with a smile, she told us it was time for a woman to hold things. Even if his status is only salesman, he will compete with skill to grow the business. And yes, dear reader of Objeko, you can imagine that the pandemic has left its mark. At the end of 2021, the decision was made to put the money away. In early October, fans made a welcome worthy of the name of their princess Capucine.

Two months later, Jérôme could no longer stand. He has never been happy. On Lucile’s part, the opposite is true. So, putting the happiness of their little girl as their priority, they decided to commit more to each other. Monsieur’s request was timely for the year -end celebrations. Make sure Santa Claus is in the front row. But, the next day, the haters woke up and didn’t go there with the back of the spoon. Angry that we were trying to ruin her time for the most part, the bride-to-be atomizes in trouble. Here’s an excerpt from his argument that won’t leave anyone indifferent. “Why wait especially? We had everything we could wish for. There is love with the evidence that we have found a soul mate. Our parents are still alive and worthy to participate in this memorable day. » No guilt of jealousy, they can’t wait to be there!

… But for Lucile, it means a lot!

Since then, Lucile has been a remarkable organizer. In between sports sessions, she told us about her cake and her wedding dress. Accustomed to criticism, he doesn’t always say it, but he has a little hesitation by landing on Jérôme. He sold his silence. Repeatedly what happened. Noticing that he was about thirty kilometers from a large agglomeration like Lyon, he called out a little question.

On his Instagram account, he tells us that he always has a rejection of everything big. He took the opportunity to remind us that he had ” never lived in big citiesand [qu’elle est] born in the countryside. » Enjoying the proximity to Lyon, he took a little time to understand things. According to him, Jérôme really isaway from the cliché of lost farmers ” ! In love as before, he will adjust to the speed of light. Now, for nothing in the world he will return as it is the life he has always dreamed of!

In a recent interview, the couple admitted that they wanted to give Capucine a brother or sister. What joy for all the followers of Lucile and Jérôme! We promise, we keep it very close and we will always let you know. In the meantime, we want them all to be happy in the world, and more! Of course we’re here to tell you the big J. So, more than ever, we say see you soon for new adventures!

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