Rodez: the report that highlighted Lauras ’approach to Fabre’s college

Center Presse has access to the National Education report that led to the suspension of Christophe Lauras, principal of Fabre college, in 2021.

Six pages. And a clear conclusion: “Mr. Lauras’s conduct did not meet the requirements expected of the use of his function.” This week, Press Center obtained the report from the national education service that led to the suspension of the Fabre college principal, at the start of the 2021 school year. with it, teachers, students… Signed by the hand of two public service investigators, the report is even more damaging.

However, it’s a good start to the story. A teacher of history and geography at her inception, Christophe Lauras became principal at Fabre at the start of the 2014 academic year. “supported by undeniable professional recognition, especially in terms of volunteerism and expertise”, emphasizes the investigation, after the title passages of the colleges of Réquista and Pont-de-Salars. In Rodez, the native of the prefecture is quickly working to rehabilitate and restore the charm of the college. As quickly, it appears that he built, in order to achieve his objectives, a management system described as “very solitary and very authoritarian”.

First alerts in 2017

Three years after his arrival, in 2017, several alerts were brought in by the college staff of the academic director in Toulouse. They emphasize their suffering at work. The Departmental Health, Safety and Working Conditions Committee (CHSCTD) investigation was launched. Christophe Lauras was called for the first time. His overall appreciation, which had previously been described as very good, then continued the matter. “very good”. The first warning was written to him by the academic director. In it, it is remembered that “The mission of a headteacher also involves creating as many bonds as possible between all staff”. This warning has its effect. Before the college climate deteriorated again in 2019-2020. On May 12, 2020, the college’s principal assistant filed a handrail for moral harassment against his superior. A few months later, the Minister arrested the General Inspectorate of Education who had made and sent a report on the state of the college. The latter was forwarded to Rodez’s public prosecutor, “Some facts that are likely to receive a penal qualification”, it is specified. How did we get here?

According to the report, Mr. Lauras sacrificed human resources for the success of the establishment.

An establishment where he personally identifies. “Fabre, it’s me”he said before, according to many accounts.

“Bad” authoritarianism, “dictatorial” influence

To “control everything”the forty would have put a particular vertical operation on “centralize information”. authoritarianism “not good” as well as a “dictatorship” personally described.

“Mr. Lauras has created an effective system, but at the cost of abandoning certain principles (respect for people, good manners, dignity, integrity). It creates situations of suffering at work. […] It is in essence to the female staff and the weakest staff that her way of expressing her authority is the most inappropriate, including in front of an audience.can we still read

And to investigators to give several examples: the college’s accounting officer, between 2017 and 2019, asked for his change of position after Mr. Lauras had a rumor that he was drunk in the office and banned him from taking the meeting speech. . One of his aides described his taunts and threats: “If you want to work, you owe my loyalty”. One said he put it in the closet and “rejected”. He filed a handrail for moral harassment. The report also cites college CPE, between 2014 and 2018, stating that “ incompetent “ after an incident. In his testimony, he also mentioned inappropriate words in the catering room, asking him if he “love sex” as he showed his willingness to participate in an emotional life training with the students …

“Restore Discipline”

The National Education report also revealed that teachers should have Batas in these methods. One of them was suffering from severe depression, the other was asking for a transfer. Of course, the teaching staff, divided by a kind of clan war between “pro-Lauras and anti-Lauras”, stated the fear that the good result of the establishment will receive a blank check from Mr. Lauras as head of human resources . The head of the management department, who signed the report, also lined up a bad relationships with students . “A system has been implemented to restore discipline. Shouting, even shouting, and seeking punishment comprise his line of education. His behavior is described as abusive to the students who have the most difficulty. At the end of the sessions class council, he called the students to his office and shouted at them a few centimeters from their faces, embarrassing them (“you’re not very good”, “you have an obligation to work, I have to enforce that, here is the State to me “). students are also victims of his humor”, according to the report. Before that was over “Despite numerous alerts, Mr. Lauras has not changed his professional posture. Considering himself the victim of a conspiracy, he strongly contradicted the facts on which he was accused and refused to question himself. He was also intimidated, arousing administrative and judicial personalities he would personally identify with in the department and the threat of filing complaints for defamation if certain testimonies persisted ”.

Following this report and a joint administrative committee competent in the disciplinary framework, Christophe Lauras was suspended from his duties at the start of the 2021 school year. This suspension is still ongoing. In the last municipal elections, he was elected as the City’s second deputy.

Although he was suspended, Christophe Lauras is still a National Education official. So he cannot express himself in this report, reserve duty obliges. According to our information, the Ruthénois have repeatedly asked for a regular rest. No success. Still according to our information, the former principal dismissed all aspects of the facts reported in this report and would have decided, with his attorney, to file a complaint in the administrative court against the national education.

The file transmitted to the public prosecutor as well as the handbook filed against him did not lead to any legal action.

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