Qatar Foundation: offers young people excellence education

With more than 8,000 students of various nationalities, the Qatar Foundation offers a high level of education to citizens and expatriates through unique offers. Its purpose is to empower people and communities by investing in the youth of Qatar, to ensure a better future for all. Founded in 1995, the Qatar Foundation is a non-profit organization focusing on education, scientific research and community development. Under his responsibility, we found Education City, which includes many prestigious universities (Carnegie Mellon, Georgetown, Virginia Commonwealth, etc.) and many teaching and training programs such as HEC, as well as Qatar Science and Technology Park, which boasts a presence even more. than 26 international companies involved in scientific research and development, including French Thales. This large campus, built about 15 kilometers from Doha, covers more than 12 km2 and hosts the schools of the world’s leading educational institutions, a local university and other research facilities, schools and community centers. Together, these institutes make Education City a unique model of academic and research excellence, pioneer a new approach to multidisciplinary and global education, and create achievements that benefit Qatar and in other parts of the world.

Big challenges tomorrow

Led by Sheikha Moza, the Qatar Foundation also aims to improve the lives of Qataris through community development initiatives. Joint-venture partnerships in the fields of design, telecommunications, information and communication technology have also contributed to the achievement of its objectives. Its priority is to change the entire education system. This progressive reform is supported at the highest level in the State. It is a question of forming a leading and motivated elite, male and female, capable of leading large public companies in Qatar with the intent, in the long term, to be less reliant on expatriates. For more than two decades, the Qatar Foundation has been promoting regional innovation and entrepreneurship, fostering social development and a culture of lifelong learning, and preparing the brightest minds in face the biggest challenges of tomorrow. At the heart of everything the Qatar Foundation does is the awareness that the future lies in opening up the most valuable resource of all: human potential. The Qatar Foundation’s programs are also part of Qatar’s grand plan, the goal of which is to transform the oil and gas economy into a knowledge economy.

Test bank

Last March, the Qatar Foundation announced the launch of the “Earthna Center for a Sustainable Future”, a non-profit political center. Building on the legacy of many years of work in the field of sustainability, the new center will channel education, research and innovation to create solutions that will enhance Qatar’s global policy role in sustainable development, where country has unique knowledge and capabilities. Dedicated to thoughtful research and industry leadership, and expanding the Qatar Foundation’s national and international network of collaboration, Earthna will focus on maintaining hot and dry climates, sustainable energy and maximizing campus. . Combining technical and research expertise with policy advice, the center will bring together a broad community of technical and research experts, government, policy makers, business, multilateral institutions and civil society to create more lasting future. The Earthna Center will focus on areas of circular economy, sustainable energy, resource security and management, environmental protection and restoration, and societal well-being.

Constant evolution

The Qatar Foundation’s values ​​set standards for its community members, telling the story of culture, identity, and guiding decision-making to help shape the future in an ever-changing environment. These five values ​​are Excellence, Integrity, Community, Innovation and Rootedness, and the idea of ​​building a future is rooted and inspired by his legacy. The Qatar Foundation has made the Sidra tree its symbol. It is also a beacon of comfort and nurturing in the harsh environment of the desert. The Sidra tree, which grows in the harshest environments, has become a symbol of perseverance and nurturing across the borders of the Arab world. With its roots anchored in the ground of this world and its branches growing to perfection, it is the image of unity and determination. This reminds us that the purposes of this world are not in harmony with the purposes of the spirit. Its branches, ultimately, represent the diversity and scope of the Qatar Foundation, which is comprised of more than 50 entities. The leaves and flowers of the tree correspond to the individual lives it nurtures, with the fruits producing seeds that guarantee sustainability and a healthy future.

> HEC Paris in Qatar: eleven years old!

First European partner of Education City, it was in 2010 that the famous business school in Paris opened its campus in Doha. Ten years ago, in December it inaugurated the new location in Doha’s sustainable and thriving Msheireb Downtown district.

For the occasion, Cheikha Moza bint Nasser Al Thani, president of the Qatar Foundation, made the trip. The purpose of this particular day is threefold. In part, HEC – with a one -year delay due to Covid – celebrated the tenth anniversary of its presence in Qatar, thus becoming the first European partner of Education City, this area near Doha where it was founded the campuses. . This event is an opportunity to inaugurate HEC’s new location: formerly located in the West Bay, the school has moved to Msheireb Downtown, Doha’s newly established smart city district. During the visit to these new venues, a hologram technology was presented during a company innovation panel that allowed a HEC professor to intervene from the Parisian campus in Jouy-en -Josas. Finally, on the same day, the graduation ceremony for the 2020 and 2021 classes took place at HEC Paris in Qatar, which provides training to Executive MBAs and specialist Masters, which the Financial Times recently published. first in the world.

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