Michèle Torr, who did not leave her ailing son in a wheelchair, at age 75, “took pride in her” and raised funds for her project

A mother’s love for her children is boundless. That is why he can overcome all obstacles in life, even if it is a serious illness.

Michèle Torr is the epitome of a strong woman. When her partner left her, while she was pregnant, she never drowned in her grief. However, the singer decided to be a good mother, especially for her son who was ill.


Michèle Torr, now 75, is without a doubt one of the most important people in the French repertoire.

And rightly so, because even at the dawn of his 60th birthday, he continues to fill the halls with his symbolic songs that mark an entire generation. Songs like “My name is Michèle”, “Lui”, “A little Frenchwoman” or even “Take me to the dance tonight”.

Born on April 7, 1947, in the 1960s the singer was known to many, thanks to “Hard to be 16”, his first 45 rpm.

He was young at the time, but had potential. This is why he was easily spotted by Claude François, who invited him to go to the Olympia stage to do his first part.

And from there his career began. Over time, the singer has sold 30 million records, and won 30 gold records as well as a platinum record.

Singer Michele Torr during the portrait session. | Photo: Getty Images

But while the ’70s star has enjoyed a lot of success in show business, her life away from the spotlight hasn’t always been a smooth sailing.

Begins his story with Christophe, whose real name is Daniel Bevilacqua. Together, the two stars went on a passionate romance, but it ended badly. For information, at the age of 19 Michèle Torr met the translator of “Aline”.

The famous singer Christophe. | Photo: Youtube / RTS archives

Their idyll was not made to last, which hurt the singer. But the hardest thing for her was the discovery of her pregnancy after Christophe left her, denying her father.

And yet, in the words of the translator of “To make women cry”, the singer said that she wanted a son, whom she would call Giusti and whom she would teach the piano … Unfortunately, it was lyrics only.

Despite this difficult time, Michèle Torr remained strong, and always cared for her son, whom she called Romain, even without the help of the father, who unfortunately died in April 2020. .

Singer Michele Torr. | Photo: Getty Images

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For information, Michèle Torr, whose real name is Michelle Tort, has two children, including Romain and Émilie. It must be said that for the latter, the singer is a good mother.

The proof? He never stopped, despite the dark times he faced in his life. In contrast, the mother of the family always fights with great courage.

We do know, however, that for a long time, the native of Pertuis suffered for his son Romain Vidal. Not just because he never knew his father, but most of all because he suffered from a serious illness, multiple sclerosis. An incurable disease they discovered in 2007.

Michèle Torr presented her little boy Romain on June 19, 1967. | Photo: Getty Images

In fact, Christophe’s son has been using a wheelchair for several years. However, strong and brave woman that she is, the famous singer does everything possible to show her that she is very important to him, and above all.

This is why he accompanied her in his fight. Even going so far as to leave his beautiful home in Aix-en-Provence for his own good.

“A new home to make everyone’s daily life easier,” he explained in an interview. A test that also gives him life energy and inspires him.

“She is amazing! You know, sick people often don’t complain and life examples. It gives me strength, it’s positive (…) ”,

he was told. This is called a mother’s unconditional love.

Michele Torr celebrates 50 years of career, presenting her upcoming concert at the Palais des Congrès in January 2016. | Photo: Getty Images


In recent years, Michèle Torr’s son’s life has not been easy. And for good reason, his illness requires a long period of rehabilitation, for recovery, as he did a few months ago.

“Since August 11, I have been in rehabilitation at UGCAM in Marseille”,

he posted on social media.

A place that cares for people with neurological and orthopedic – traumatological pathologies.

Despite his state of health, Romain remains positive. Especially since he was surrounded by good people who helped him get through this difficult ordeal, such as his family, but also his friend Adda Abdelli, who came to honor him at his concert.

Because yes, in 2013, Romain, still with the help of his mother, founded the Multiple Sclerosis association, which aims specifically to raise funds through concerts, to help the sick.

Note that in 2011, the translator of the song “Take me to the dance tonight” spoke at France Soir, waiting for a new treatment for her son.

Let’s just hope their efforts pay off and Romain Vidal and his family emerge victorious in this difficult test. And even if he doesn’t fully recover, as long as his illness stabilizes.

However, Raphaëlle’s father has always relied on his mother’s unconditional support, especially since he was so proud of her, as he was for his children.

“I am happy for them (…) I am very attached to my children and super proud of them”,

he said in an interview. It was a very close family.

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