Love and Thunder ”is far from Marvel’s best“ Thor ”(and movie)?

Will Marvel Studios return to the epic level in the final movies avengers infinity war and Last game ? Can they find the social impact of a Black Panther ? The latest feature films from the firm have left fans thinking for now. Black Widow severely criticized Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings had a good run and was appreciated but not marked by the public, The Eternal by Chloé Zhao unconvincing … Alone Spider-Man: No Pauli and Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness seems to provide a bit of dynamism in this “Phase 4” (post Last game) struggling to fully recover.

Fortunately, Marvel thinks it can rely on one of the last seniors still in the race: Thor. Superhero camped Chris Hemsworth has achieved one of the franchise’s most impressive 180 °, from snoring hero to hilarious hero within a few films. The last part of his adventures, Thor: Ragnarok where the Scandinavian god of thunder confronts Cate Blanchett as the most powerful goddess of death united to the delight of most of the public. The 2017 film directed by the whimsical Taika Waititi is still ranked in the top five most loved films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU).

This is the third film to be entirely centered on Thor after the first two films which are relatively first degree to be honest. This summer of 2022, Thor is back for his fourth solo film, Thor: Love and Thunderstill under the direction of the New Zealand director of Ragnarok. Why change a winning team? This movie doesn’t improve the overall MCU design as much No Pauli, Doctor Strange or The Eternal which seems to put the pieces into a huge cosmic puzzle. With Love and Thunder, it seems that Thor’s universe seeks to close down unresolved aspects of its universe. We also have the impression that Marvel Has No Ambition to Do Better Than Pure Summer Entertainment. Always fun … but forgettable. What is certain is that it is not at the level of a Ragnarok let alone one avengers.

A pantheon of stars more or less well exploited

Without going into the details of the plot so you don’t get hurt, let’s say the scenario centers on the big return of love for Thor: Jane Foster Natalie Portman. This scientist who left the scene for several films allowed our hero to end a chapter in his life. Thor is also accompanied at the beginning of the adventure by the famous Guardians of the Galaxy, but the latter plays extras before disappearing. No one is advancing the plot in question Lokidespite the adventures of Thor’s half-brother in his own Disney+TV series.

Some great Hollywood actors hold very fun little roles at the beginning of the film (we’ll leave you with a good surprise) … but if you look closely, everything seems to have stopped. Thor settles Jane’s case. Thor regained his divine musculature. Thor would never be in danger. Thor closes the doors … but doesn’t open anything new in this fourth film.

On the other hand, fans of blockbusters and popcorn will be happy to take advantage of the director’s offbeat humor (which often hits the mark). We know him better and are inspired but we accept that we laughed heartily many times over. Love and Thunder however, it never goes to be a real all, unforgettable comedy. The film doesn’t quite lean on the drama side even with its villain (but it’s more appealingly composed of a Christian Bale taking his role seriously) which will soon be forgotten. Some themes such as criticism of religions, disease or feminism are clearly not being taken advantage of to provide little political comfort in just one firework display offered by Hollywood and well placed between 4 and 14 July, 2022 (American and French national. Holidays).

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