Love and Thunder ”, Christian Bale is as intimidating as attractive

MARVEL – A few months ago, Taika Waititi presented Gorr, the assassin of the gods, as the best of Marvel’s villains. If it is difficult to confirm the director’s statements Thor: Love and Thunder – the fourth opus on the adventures of the thunder god Thor to be released in theaters this Wednesday, July 13 – but we can say that its interpreter, Christian Bale (Batman), has more than just a successful debut in the Maison des Idées cinematic universe.

Unknown to the general public and only recently appeared in comics (in 2013 to be more precise), Gorr is a godly character born on an unnamed planet. Seemingly forbidden, his life was turned upside down by the gradual death of all members of his family, which occurred despite his many prayers.

Due to the loss of his family, one day he witnessed the existence of the gods, while over time he convinced himself of the opposite. Convinced that they had done nothing to save his loved ones, he immediately began killing them all, including Thor.

A terrifying story a bit different from the film, especially how Gorr discovers their presence and the origin of the sword he uses. But the ambivalence of the character, which was once a peaceful bloodthirsty killer, is preserved.

The important scenes in the feature film go in this direction. Her grief, especially in the presence of her daughter, left no stone unturned. It is absolutely impossible not to feel empathy, not to be touched, especially when one sees the boundless arrogance of certain saints. We already understand him, to identify and imagine ourselves in his place, which is the character of a villain with a complicated story.

A horrible look

And yet, his more frightening appearance was enough to cool the blood: the pale complexion, the perfectly shaved head, the demonic look … As you can see in the trailer above the article, as well as in the photos belowChristian Bale literally transforms to include the enemy of the Asgardian god encamped Chris Hemsworth.

Christian Bale as Gorr on set to

Christian Bale as Gorr on the set of ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’. (Photo: Marvel Studios)

Gorr is the main antagonist of

Gorr is the main antagonist of

Gorr is the main antagonist in “Thor: Love and Thunder”. (Photo: Marvel Studios)

There, too, is the almost human appearance of the antagonist, which clearly reveals the features of the star inAmerican Psycho, not the same as comics. “His face [dans les comics] looks a bit like Voldemort ”, Taika Waititi recently justified IGN.

“I think people will automatically make that connection. So we decided to move away from the original design while preserving the elements (…) the most important thing is its history and not its appearance, ”He said.

Gorr’s look is from the comics, created by Jason Aaron and Esad Ribic.  (Photo: Marvel)

Gorr’s look is from the comics, created by Jason Aaron and Esad Ribic. (Photo: Marvel)

Gorr’s look is from the comics, created by Jason Aaron and Esad Ribic. (Photo: Marvel)

“This is Gorr, the slayer of the gods, isn’t it? His name already shows who he is. You immediately know that you are facing a serial killer who seeks to exterminate all the gods. But it’s like a story, really: he’s angry, confused and he has this sudden revelation ”, for his part Christian Bale delivered on the film’s production notes.

According to Taika Waititi, who also directs Thor: Ragnarokmany can understand his desire for revenge, which stems from feelings of anger, loss, pain and sadness.

“Christian Bale Is Persuasive”

An opinion shared by the entire main cast, including Chris Hemsworth, who didn’t fail to salute his sidekick’s performance in the role. “There’s a lot of drama and madness around Gorr but he knows where to put the cursor all the time,” the Aussie actor said enthusiastically.

“Can’t take his eyes off him. The character is appealing, because like all good villains, he’s a part right. Maybe he won’t do it the right way but with the empathy that’s in the script, he added. Christian has many layers of interpretation and brings depth to the character, ”he said.

“Actually, we were all a little scared on set of Gorr’s presence”, for her part delivered Natalie Portman, back at Marvel in the role of Jane Foster alias Mighty Thor. “In this role, Christian Bale is interesting. He does what the great villains of Marvel do, which is to show that his villain is the result of pain and unresolved trauma”, concluded Tessa Thompson, translator of Valkyrie.

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