is there a post-credits scene?

THOR 4. Like all Marvel movies, Thor Love and Thunder have a post-credits scene. Is it worth staying until the end of the credits? We told you everything.

[Mis à jour le 13 juillet 2022 à 9h] It’s a good classic of Marvel movies in theaters, the post-credits scene has now become institutional. At the end of the session, many spectators remained in the theater, waiting until the end of the credits to find out the final sequence “hidden” by Marvel Studios for fans. Thor Love and Thunder are clearly no exception to the rule. So Taika Waititi’s film includes a scene in the middle of the film credits but also a scene at the end of the credits. And this last order is worth a look. We advise you to stay tuned to find out. Especially since the film’s credits seem so short.

Releasing in theaters this Wednesday, Thor Love and Thunder is the fourth film dedicated to the god of thunder starring Chris Hemsworth since 2011. After two remixes (directed by Kenneth Branagh then Alan Taylor) placed under the guise of more or less epic Shakespearian, the Thor saga has experienced a renaissance since Thor Ragnarok was directed by Taika Waititi, a New Zealand filmmaker who gave it its ironic and twisted style. This is the same Waititi who canned Thor 4. We see there in his humor and a desire to parody the genre of romantic comedy within a superhero film. French critics seem less invincible.

For Le Point, director Taika Waititi “seems to be dealing with the automatic pilot, as is the entire team involved in this failure – including the actor. We can definitely save the attacker Christian Bale from crashing, […] alone to breathe a little life into his character. “The magazine believes the headline” Chris Hemsworth seems to have reached the limits of the comic-beta register that Marvel has imposed on him since Ragnarok. “the film notes on 1/5, believes that in “the hands of Taika Waititi, the holy Thor has become a huge piece of ironic kitsch where everything has to be cool.” However, the filmmaker “has no idea. Very few concepts, little jokes written in the corner of the table, straightforward low-level humor 2.0, and he wraps this less-than-attractive story into a completely sterile game.

In the Large Screen columns, Thor Love and Thunder scored a 2.5/5 note. The first half of the film is strongly criticized: “It’s hard to join a story whose entire first act consists of unraveling, again, what is built, to start from scratch”, “after almost an hour of film , Thor: Love and the Thunder seem like a complete defeat. ” However, the special website, “Taika Waititi wakes up” is in the middle of his film. “a plastically impressive sequence” (one that uses black and white). Despite all its flaws, “Thor: Love and Thunder stands out as the most ironic chapter in MCU, and is therefore definitely less interesting.”

The Journal du geek review is somewhat mixed despite a good 3.5/5 rating. If “Taika Waititi explores the plots and clichés of romantic comedy to move them”, the website dedicated to pop culture confirms that “it all sometimes seems wrong. Waititi’s grub is clever. We are sometimes sad and always sad. which is hilarious, a pity that the understanding of the two is not as pure as the one expected. The foot calls are many, perhaps very few. ” Finally, Thor Love and Thunder is described as “guilty pleasure. A romantic and heroic comedy that doesn’t always measure its various inspirations, but manages to imprint itself on our brains in search of escape” .

La Voix du Nord says in its review that “Christian Bale portrays a somewhat convincing, because desperate villain”. However, the northern newspaper warned that the film “will be reserved for ultra-fans, though. Some are unlikely to love it”. Le Parisien, on the other hand, describes the beginning of the film as producing “a series of tableaux in the form of antics” and “grotesque postures”. Thor Love and Thunder “proliferate more or less successful valves and anchor the film in student tone, to the point of excess”.

film profile

Synopsis- Thor joins the Guardians of the Galaxy and continues to find his place in the world and inner peace. But when Gorr the Butcher of the Gods sets out to eliminate the gods, the God of Thunder is forced to retire.

Thor 4 has long been awaited by fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Titled “Love and Thunder”, this fourth installment will be released in February 2022. It was finally postponed for a few months. In France, it’s from July 13, 2022 that we can discover new God of Thunder adventures in theaters.

In the first trailer for Thor 4, which opens on April 18, we see pieces of the quest waiting for Thor. We discover our hero has taken an initiative journey to find inner peace and his place in the world after the events of Avengers Endgame. But his adventures with the Guardians of the Galaxy are interrupted by Gorr the Butcher of the Gods, who plans to eliminate the gods. This fourth episode marks the first time MCU Mighty Thor, that is Jane Foster (Natalie Portman) holding Mjöllnir. We’ll see this superheroine at the end of the trailer.

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On May 24, the second trailer for Thor Love and Thunder was released. This one is marked by Taika Waitit’s typical humorous traits. It’s also the opportunity to discover for the first time Christian Bale in disguise of Gorr, the great evil in this fourth film dedicated to the god of thunder. The look is very mysterious but the character is already chill. In the comics, Gorr is called by the nickname “butcher of the gods”. As the title suggests, Gorr seeks out the gods to kill them if he can. In Marvel comics, he always struggles with Thor trying that he can’t. Gorr had many changes, some with superhuman power, some without. In any event, Gorr has at least a few millennia of combat experience and has enough skill to duel against a god without issue. It promises great hardship for Thor (Chris Hemsworth) and Mighty Thor (Natalie Portman).

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In the casting of this fourth Thor-centered film, we clearly see Chris Hemsworth in the role of the god of thunder. Tessa Thompson also returns as Valkyrie. In the cast of Thor Love and Thunder, Christian Bale plays the role of the great evil Gorr, the executioner of the gods.. The film also marks the return of Natalie Portman to the big screen in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Natalie Portman announced the news at Comic Con in San Diego. And this time, he’s holding Mjöllnir’s hammer! An even more shocking announcement is that Natalie Portman has not been seen in a Marvel movie since Thor 2 (2013) and that she is thought to be upset with Marvel Studios. In the film, she is named Mighty Thor, in reference to the comic series Mighty Thor written by Jason Aaron in which Jane Foster proves herself worthy to be the bearer of the legendary hammer Mjöllnir and the powers of Thor .

  • Chris Hemsworth: Thor
  • Natalie Portman: Jane Foster / powerful thor
  • Christian Bale: Gorr
  • Tessa Thompson: Valkyrie
  • Taika Waititi: Si Korg
  • Russell Crowe: Zeus
  • Jamie Alexander: sif
  • Chris Pratt: lord of the star
  • Dave Bautista: Drax
  • Karen Gillan: Nebula
  • Pom Klementieff: Mantis
  • Vin Diesel: Groot
  • Bradley Cooper: Rocket Raccoon

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