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Leading ICT company Huawei was commended by Ghana’s Deputy Minister of Education, Reverend John Ntim Fordjour, for its important role in harnessing the potential of ICT to promote equitable and inclusive education for all, through open school systems that apply to technology. (TeOSS).

Technology-enabled Open School Systems (TeOSS) is an initiative in partnership with UNESCO, Ministry of Education through the Ghana Education Service (GES) and the National Center for Distance Learning and Teaching (CENDULOS) as well as other key players in Ghana . , Egypt and Ethiopia.

The project, which aims to build a strong and crisis-resistant school system, seeks to link school and home-based learning, to ensure continuity and quality of learning in normal or crisis situations. situations.


It also aims to empower beneficiaries through improved connectivity, digital skills and professional development over a three -year period.

Speaking at the recently concluded UNESCO-Huawei Cross-Country Seminar in Accra, the Deputy Minister of Education explained the commitment of the Government of Ghana and the Ministry of Education to further cooperation with Huawei, UNESCO and other partners in progress to achieve Sustainable Development Goal 4 which aims to ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning.

Si Hon. John Ntim Fordjour explained that in order to achieve the key targets of Goal 4 of the SDGs, more digital platforms as catalyst and lever are needed to achieve them. The government, he said, is putting a lot of effort through industry partnerships to reach all the places where there are students.

“We are pleased with this ongoing discussion with Huawei Ghana and the group of experts who have shared ideas and supported this excellent intervention made by the ministry,” he said, thanking the UNESCO Director of Ghana, Mr. Diallo Abdourahamane. and the Ghana team for their continued support of transforming the education sector in Ghana.

The technology -based open school project, officially launched on November 25, 2021, is expected to benefit elementary students, junior high school students, out -of -school children and vulnerable groups in Ghana.
Since its inception, the project has been piloted in 10 schools in 10 regions of the country. Under the pilot project, teachers and students will have access to online and offline resources to ensure that community -based schools without internet access or electricity can benefit from the project.

As a company focused on accelerating digital skills and developing ICT talent in Ghana, Huawei, through strategic partnerships, has trained more than 50,000 Ghanaians in advanced ICT courses such as in artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, routing and switching, coding, financial technology and cloud computing under Women. in the Tech initiative.

This year, as part of the LEAP (Leadership Entrepreneurship Advancement Possibility) program, Huawei held their first ICT job fair in partnership with key government departments and successfully provided employment opportunities to more than 200 higher education students. education.


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