How to create and add your own TikTok sound?

Want to create your own sound, usable TikTok music? Here’s how to do it in a very quick tutorial.

Adding a voice to TikTok: what to do?

Are you a fan of the TikTok application and are you starting to create content on the platform? For this, you have the choice between videos or adding unique sounds that can be reused by multiple users. Add your own music to TikTok and watching him perform a lot of videos and duets … Let’s face it, it’s satisfying. But suddenly, how to put a sound on TikTok?

Actually, putting a TikTok sound on is easy. In addition, this manipulation will allow you to add the music you create to the platform’s repertoire. What better way to create a buzz or be recognized?

Let’s talk about serious things. You created your account and now you want to add music to be reused. Here’s the procedure to follow in detail!

First, know that you can add the already created sound that is on your phone or computer, ready to publish and already on video. Actually, if this is the case, you can straight to step 2 in this tutorial. But, if you haven’t already made a music video you want to put online, the first step is important.

Step 1: Create your own music to upload

To do this, you need to first making music in question. For this, there are several solutions:

  • You can do this simply by using a sound already on your phone and cutting the extract without going through software. For this you can use a screen recorder for the phone in the app. The goal is to use the screen recorder in audio only mode. So if you launch the recorder, you can get the desired audio inside on the phone. To do this, you need to launch the recorder by also launching the desired music on your phone. Very simple. Note that this will work for direct sound recording, but also for recording a sound video on your screen. This will allow you to import the sound of your video directly into TikTok. In fact, keep that in mind to add sound to TikTok, you also need to add a video with. After that, go to step 2.

You can even record sounds from TikTok by performing this maneuver. It also allows you to download music through the TikTok application, if you see a cool sound, but you can’t find it streaming.

Record a unique sound to put it on the tap tutorial
  • Use the existing music you need to cut or remix in software. To do this, use computer software or a phone application. The software should allow you to edit the sound, but also theadd this sound to a video that you recorded before. With this type of audio file editing tool, you can add sound effects that you create yourself, or effects that can be seen on YouTube’s self-service. You can compose your own music as long as you have the right equipment and the musical fiber. The important thing is also to do the music cutting and the sound settings in advance for that your creation is “tiktokable”. But also, the video will accompany your unique TikTok sound. That way, you just have to import video file from your editing application or software and go to step 2.

Personally, I strongly recommend the InShot application for this operation, or BeeCut. Note that for these applications, there is always no need to go through step 2 because you are offered to upload your sound to TikTok directly after completion.

Step 2: Add your voice to the TikTok platform

Now here’s how to add your sound to TikTok.

  • If the video on your computer, please transfer to your phone first. You can do this via USB cable, or by sending it to yourself via email, for example.
  • Once the video with your chosen voice is on your smartphoneso open the TikTok app.
  • Go to option (+) at the bottom half of the screen, in tricolor.
  • To reach the video recording screen, press upload and adjust the sound, adding a clip if necessary, but retaining the original sound of the music. And there you are! It’s as simple as creating a Tik Tok avatar.

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Put music on TikTok: video tutorials

here are a few video tutorials to help you further in your efforts. Good look!

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