How is the relationship between the United States and Israel?

Joe Biden, a veteran of the diplomatic scene, knows the Middle East well. The man, former chairman of the U.S. Senate Foreign Affairs Committee, was a time President Obama’s emissary to the region. But this July 13 on the tarmac at Tel Aviv’s Ben Gurion airport, Joe Biden stepped on Israeli soil for the first time as President of the United States.

Daniel Bensimon, Israeli journalist, follows the relationship between Washington and Tel Aviv. This visit by Joe Biden is first and foremost an opportunity to “ to find a formula that would strengthen the security of the country, Israel“Said Bensimon. Now it’s security for the most part “continued” in the United States the reporter added. Mainly financial support. Washington provides nearly $ 3.5 billion a year in aid intended to strengthen the Israeli army.

The Americans will do anything but attack Iran to help Israel.
Daniel Bensimon Israeli journalist

On the American side, the main purpose behind this visit was “ to prevent Israel from acting alone against Iran said Daniel Bensimon. American diplomats fear that “ to end the nuclear threat, Israel decided not to directly attack the Islamic Republic “. According to the Israeli journalist, the goal of American diplomats is to avoid” the eruption of a crisis in the region if Israel decides to operate on its own against Iran “. In 1981, the Israeli Air Force destroyed a nuclear facility in Iraq, the nuclear reactor Osirak.

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To guarantee Israel a sense of support and comfort “Daniel Bensimon says Joe Biden is ready” to say yes to almost everything Israeli politicians demand “. The Israeli journalist argued The Americans will do anything but attack Iran to help Israel “.

Dominique Moisi, co-founder of Ifri and specialist in international relations, believes Iran is at the center of discussions between Joe Biden and Yaïr Lapid. According to him, Joe Biden’s evacuation should be consolidated “ a triangle in Riyadh / Jerusalem / Washington to deal with all Iranian threats “.

Since February 24, 2022, the United States aspires to be an Eastern power.
Dominique Moisi, co-founder of Ifri

The challenge of this trip for the White House is more than the Iran question alone, according to the researcher. ” Since February 24, 2022 [date de l’invasion de l’Ukraine par la Russie], the United States aspires to be a Middle East power again “. The researcher says, In a context where we are experiencing a hot war in Eastern Europe and a cold war everywhere, the Middle East has become important once again. America needs Saudi Arabia to lower oil prices. He also needs to strengthen the alliance between Israel and Saudi Arabia so that he does not have to face Iran at a time when he has to face Russia and China. “.

According to Dominique Moisi, it is therefore possible that the discussions will go beyond the simple framework of the Iran file.

A break during the Trump era around the Palestinian question?

On the sidelines of his visit to Israel Joe Biden is expected to travel to Bethlehem to meet with Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas. A heavy shift of the symbol and that strongly displeased the Israeli authorities.

For Joe Biden, this meeting with Mahmoud Abbas is a way to remind us that unlike Donald Trump, he considers the Israeli-Palestinian question important.

Dominique Moisi, co-founder of Ifri

According to Dominique Moisi Joe Biden seeks to insist on the Palestinian question in a more direct way, a very different tone from Donald Trump.

When negotiating the Abraham Accords (see box), Donald Trump made the choice of “ solve the Palestinian issue without solving it “, insisted the international relations specialist. The former Republican president wants to focus his administration on the Middle East on” the fear instigated by Iran by ignoring the Palestinian question “.

What are the “Abraham Accords”?

Israel, signing peace agreements with Egypt (1979) and Jordan (1994), two Arab neighbors, normalizes its relations by 2020 with the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Morocco and by 2021 with Sudan in the framework. in the “Abraham Accords”.

In contrast, Joe Biden chose to force the question of Israel into his travels. Dominique Moisi recalls that “ Meeting Mahmoud Abbas in Bethlehem is a way to remind us that unlike Donald Trump he considers the Israel-Palestinian question important. “.

Other famous trips, Joe Biden is also not expected to travel to the Western Wall or the Old City of Jerusalem. Both places are part of East Jerusalem. This part of the holy city was attacked in 1967 during the Six Day War by the Israeli army. East Jerusalem is part of “occupied territories” according to the United States and the international community. Donald Trump visits the Wailing Wall.

Americans do not consider the Palestinian question to be a close issue.
Daniel Bensimon, Israeli journalist.

Daniel Bensimon, for his part, puts in perspective the importance of the promises made by Joe Biden to the Palestinian authorities. He said the Americans did not consider the Palestinian question a ” close issue “.

Israeli-Palestinian conflict: President Biden has not changed anything on American diplomatic position

He admitted that Joe Biden’s visit to Palestine would not go beyond a simple message of support and financial assistance. ” The United States is actually in favor of a two -state solution, but it has done nothing about it. This visit is not expected to exceed $ 100 million in aid to calm Palestinian spirits. »

Biden a ‘close friend’ of Israel?

As part of his trip to the Middle East, Joe Biden was therefore chosen to spend two days in Israel before flying to Riyadh in Saudi Arabia. According to Daniel Bensimon, this choice was not a coincidence but “a way to strengthen the friendship between Israel and the United States

Trump gave it his all in Israel and Biden could do nothing better than that.
Daniel Bensimon, Israeli journalist

The Israeli journalist argued that “ Israel remains a privileged and even the most privileged ally of the United States. This allows Americans to have a strong position in Israel today. The United States is highly respected by Israeli political leaders but also by Israeli public opinion “.

Daniel Bensimon goes on to say that Joe Biden’s stance on Palestine is not a problem for Israel. Joe Biden is a Democrat ” but the Democratic Party has very strong ties with Israel. Republicans have changed that formula but Biden is a close friend of Israel “. He said” Trump gave it his all in Israel and Biden could do nothing better than that “.

An opinion not shared by Dominique Moisi. The international relations researcher stated that “aNow in Israel there is strong disappointment in the United States. What dominates public opinion in Israel is a kind of growing skepticism. In Israel there is an idea that we cannot do without the United States but it is no longer an ally before “.

According to the researcher, this growing distrust vis-à-vis the historical ally was created by “ steps “. Barack Obama’s speech in Cairo in June 2009 was” severely lost “. In this speech was confirmed by the former president of America it cannot be denied that the Palestinian people, which include Muslims and Christians, are suffering in search of a territory. For over sixty years he had known the pain of dislocation “. This message according to Dominique Moisi” the Israelis were not ready to listen to it 8 years after the outbreak of the second intifada “. America’s non -intervention in Syria in 2013 disappointed the Israeli political class. This choice was seen as a blinding of Western power in the Middle East according to Dominique Moisi. A feeling that was experienced again on August 15, 2021 during the fall of Kabul. According to Dominique Moisi at the time ” the post American Middle East seems to have begun “.

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