Gers: They train dogs to save water

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The canine sports club “Les Gardiens de la mer” trains its four -legged friends in water rescue. A god for dogs with only one club in the entire region.

On the shores of Lake Uby, near the town of Cazaubon, a noisy crowd attracts passersby. A dozen dogs accompanied by their masters and mistress alternated between dry land and water. It’s not just a swim to cool off in the hot weather, but a dog game course to train them to save water.

Since 2015, the Gers sports club “Les guardians de la mer”, based in Pellefigue, has been training and coaching our four -legged friends in water rescue. Pascale Lansalot-Matras, one of the club’s vice presidents wanted to explain, “we are a sports club, not a certified training center for rescue. However, that doesn’t stop us from training our athletes. dogs and make them help ”.

18 member dogs

The exercises performed by the 18 -member club dogs were classified into three levels. “First they have to carry flags, then they have to help people.” For this, the club has boats that allow them to vary the exercises and train the dogs in as many situations as possible.

One of the rescue exercises involves pulling a boat off the cliffs.

During operations, many rules must be respected. One of them did not call the dogs by their names. “If someone drowns, they don’t have to know the dog’s name”, Pascale Lansalot-Matras explained.

The only club in the region

The club’s presence within the Gers thus allows many dogs to be able to practice an aquatic sports activity for miles around. As proof, of the 17 members, some are from the Gers, some from Landes, Haute-Garonne or even Lot-et-Garonne. This is especially the case with Jérôme, who brought in Ocar, a two -year -old Newfoundlander since the last 4 months of age.

This Sunday, July 10, fifteen people and ten dogs participated in the training.

This Sunday, July 10, fifteen people and ten dogs participated in the training.

“We came for the pleasure of the dogs. For them, it didn’t work”, slips this Lot-et-Garonnais. Monique Loo, who is from Landes and who joined the club more than 4 years ago and holds the position of secretary, shared the same observation. She arrived today accompanied by two leonbegrs (breed of dog), Lorelei, 7 years old and weighing 74 kg, and Ricola, 2 years old. “We quickly understood that they were attracted to the water. So I was very happy to see them having fun here with the other dogs”, said Monique.

Newfoundland, Landseer, Leonberger, …

No wonder. Because among all dog breeds, some have water -loving characteristics and have an adapted physiology. “The Newfoundland, Landseer, Leonberger, Golden and Labrador Retriever, and other breeds have‘ webbed ’legs that allow them to have good motor skills and water handling”, emphasizes Pascale Lansalot-Matras.

Many dog ​​breeds are represented at the club

Many breeds of dogs are represented by the club “Guardians of the Sea”.

Training takes place weekly at two different locations, on Lac de l’Uby and Lac de la Gioule (Landes), from the end of February to the beginning of November. The annual membership fee is 100 euros. Training sessions are an opportunity for dogs to train and for owners “to have a really good time”. On August 27, in Pellefigue, “Les guardians de la mer” organized a show, open to the public, to show the progress of their dogs.

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