52% Of American Gamers Think Metaverse Will Transform The Game Industry

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About 52% of U.S. gamblers believe Metaverse will change the gambling industry, according to a survey by technology service company Globant and polling company YouGov.

The survey aims to find out how familiar and comfortable players are in the metaverse, the universe of virtual worlds that are all interconnected, like novels like Snowfall and Loan player usa. Globant explored the thoughts, attitudes and opinions of American Metaverse gamers in a survey of a thousand PC, console and mobile gamers in May.


When asked about the main business related to the metaverse, players answered Meta (73%), Epic Games/Fortnite (27%), Roblox (21%), The Sandbox (15%) and Niantic (10%. ).

“Through this survey, we found that even though the development of Metaverse is still in its early stages, American gamers are already seeing the technology that can expand the field of gaming possibilities,” said Nicolas Avila, CTO for North America at Globant, in a report. . “As awareness of the Metaverse and what it can do becomes more fundamental, we expect to see this sentiment spread to many people in all industries.”

Advertising warning

Concept to describe virtual shopping. A young man wearing a VR headset has metaverse shopping experience. Flat vector illustration

According to the survey, 35% of respondents said they were comfortable with advertising in a metaverse
space, while 25% said they didn’t decide and 40% were uncomfortable seeing ads in the metaverse. When specifically asked about eye and head movement tracking, almost half (46%) of respondents said they were uncomfortable with these measurements.

But “free”, that is to say that you exchange your data for free access to otherwise paid services, can make a difference. Of those surveyed, just under half (44%) would accept metaverse advertising if it offered free access to apps, games or locations.

game to win

About half of the players are more interested in “playing” than “winning” in metaverse games, but a significant number of players see value in mixing the game and winning together. The numbers are divided as follows:

  • 49% more interested in gambling
  • Only 11% are more interested in making money
  • Nearly 40% want to mix gambling and winning metaverse games

The survey revealed that 52% of gamers think that Metaverse will change the gaming industry and a plurality (41%) think that Metaverse will have a positive impact on the industry (compared to 25% that does not). ‘OK). In fact, 40% say the buzz around the Metaverse game is needed, even though nearly a third (30%) have not decided on it.

Maybe it’s something familiar. While the majority of players (60%) are confident in the definition of the metaverse, the familiarity and interaction of space has not yet matured within this population – only 39% believe that the game’s metaverse will mature in less than five years, even if hapit na. the same number, 38%, think it will last.

Other discoveries

Nasdaq in the Core metaverse.
Nasdaq in the Core metaverse.

Who buys NFT? The majority (81%) of respondents did not purchase NFTs, with only 16% saying they had.

Who is interested in buying, selling or earning cryptocurrencies in the metaverse? More than a third (34%) of respondents expressed interest in cryptocurrency transactions while almost half (45%) were not interested, leaving 20%undecided. Men (41%) and 18-44 years old (37%–47%) expressed higher levels of interest in these deals.

Sponsored by Globant and conducted by YouGov, the survey surveyed 1,000 American adults-aged 18 or older-who played more than three hours of video games per week on PC, console, and/ or or mobile platforms. Only mobile players were not included in the survey.

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