What will be the Patronus of each main character

The second volume of the fourth season of foreign objects will come out on July 1 and everyone is excited to see what happens. However, the worldwide phenomenon of the series has not been felt sinceHarry Potter. While belonging to different genres, Harry Potter and foreign objects there are many in common. Even if one is about magic and the other is about science fiction, the two series are about friendship, family and unconditional love.

The Patronus Charm is a defensive spell that allows the caster to summon an animal to protect them. Bosses are born out of the great pleasure of the sorcerer or sorcerer, and the shape of the beast it requires is often associated with the personality of the caster. This is why it is common for people to try to guess what the Patronuses of certain characters are, and foreign objects the characters are no exception.

Jonathan Byers – Bear

Bears are very solitary creatures, they are the most sociable of all carnivorous species. Their only social interactions are with their spouses and young people. But bears are also extremely strong and have a unique sense of smell that allows them to track a wide variety of food.

Jonathan may also be reclusive. She finds it difficult to build and maintain relationships and open up to people, even her family and her boyfriend. However, Jonathan is a skilled warrior, he knows how to protect himself and his loved ones, and with his sharp vision he can also easily find solutions to dangerous situations. .

Nancy Wheeler – German Shepherd

Because of their good tracking abilities, German Shepherd dogs often work to help police find all sorts of components and even bombs. They are also loyal and friendly pets, and they will do anything to protect their person.

Nancy is the most intelligent character, but she is also an inquisitive reporter and a loyal friend. He is still determined to reveal the truth behind Hawkins ’mysterious events. In the first season, Nancy does everything in her power to find out the truth behind the loss of her best friend, and in the process, she also helps save Will’s life.

Lucas Sinclair – Fox

Even though wolves are often described as deceivers, they are intelligent creatures who always avoid hunters in a clever way. Despite their bad reputation, wolves can be very friendly animals, and some breeds have even learned to live with people in the city.

Lucas is the Ranger of their D&D team, which means he has to identify the different types of terrain and decide whether or not it is safe for the group to explore them. Luke may be one of the lowest characters in the series, but he is sharp and understanding and knows how to evade enemy threats. In real life, he usually carries binoculars and a compass, devices that help him in his work to keep his team out of danger.

Robin Buckley – Hare

Hare are agile animals that can run at high speeds because of their strong legs, and they often travel alone or in pairs. Their nervous nature has given them a reputation for shyness and speed, however, they are often seen playing with other hare on the farm.

Although Robin can be skeptical and ridiculous at times, he is very kind to his friends. When she first met Steve, she didn’t pay much attention to him, but she quickly became friends with him and became part of a group of friends investigating Hawkin’s mysteries. Like the hare, he is good when together or alone, and he also shows great strength.

Steve Harrington – Wolf

One of the most social animals in nature is the wolf. They travel with their spouses and children and have many ways of communication, especially through beetles. They also defended their territories very well, but were more loyal to their own family. Remus Lupine and Tonks have wolves as bosses, and they die in battle trying to protect themselves.

At the start of the TV movie, Steve was very popular in his high school, and while he was a bit obscene, his outgoingness was a big part of his personality. However, in time, Steve matured and became a better person to the point where Steve’s friendship with Dustin was one of the best in the series.

Will Byers – Deer

The stag was the Patronus of James Potter and his son Harry also inherited it. Deer are calm and understanding animals that usually live in small family groups. They can be very shy because they are always alert to the dangers around them. However, they can easily act in dangerous situations.

Will, like Harry, likes to be with a small group of friends and doesn’t like to be the center of attention. Although she is a bit shy, she is also very sensitive and can escape dangerous situations unscathed. His insight allowed him to be able to communicate with Joyce in Upside Down, and later gain a deeper understanding of Mind Flayer.

Dustin Henderson – Dolphin

Dolphins are known to be one of the most intelligent animals on the planet. They can communicate in a broad way, learn new concepts and teach them to others, and they even have self-awareness. What’s more, they are social creatures, and most people like them because they display a friendly demeanor.

Dustin is very similar to the Dolphins because he is also one of the smartest people in his friend group, if not the smartest. At a young age, he showed a greater knowledge of technology than most adults, and his inventions and skills were important to the survival of the team, making Dustin one of the best. game characters. series.

Max Mayfield – Cat

Cats are very independent animals, known for their cold and bad temper. However, these animals can be very kind to people and other animals they know and love. However, they value their personal space and it is common for them to spend long periods of time alone. He was the Patronus of Minerva McGonagall, and although he was seen as a cold and strict teacher, he took great care of his students.

Max had to endure the tragic events in his home, especially the abuse of his stepbrother. As a result, he finds it difficult to ask for help and tries to solve his problems on his own. In addition, he is wary when other people try to befriend him. Still, he was loyal and attentive to his friends when he realized that he could trust them.

Mike Wheeler – Scottish Terrier

Although slightly different from the dog, Scottish Terriers are independent, loyal and courageous animals. Because they are so loyal to their families, they have become a cultural staple and they are even one of the pieces in the Monopoly board game. In addition, they are nicknamed “irreducible” because they are strong and determined creatures.

Mike’s most important virtue is his loyalty. He was determined to find his best friend Will when he lost Upside Down, and he stood by Eleven in all the hardships he faced. Although he was not physically strong, his intellect and his strengths of strength made it up.

Eleven / Jane Hopper – Horse

Horses are very strong creatures and because of their speed of running they are always associated with freedom. This animal also has a strong fight or flying response, which helps it survive other predators. As Eleven had to live most of his life, he also developed a very strong instinct to survive.

Eleven is probably the strongest character in the TV series, but he’s also loyal and attentive. Because he was locked up for most of his life, he valued freedom above all else. However, for the fourth time, he sacrifices his freedom to save the people he loves. Ginny Weasley’s Patronus is also a horse, and the two women are strong men who ruthlessly protect their family and friends.

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