They resigned from National Education… “I’m on 2,300 euros after ten years”

Next to disappointment, they decided to change jobs. Each year, teachers leave National Education. The number of teachers resigning has also increased. The voluntary permanent departure of public teachers who are in the post of National Education therefore fell from 1,554 in 2019-2020 to 2,286 in 2020-2021. And if we go back further, the comparison is much clearer: in 2008-2009, there were 364 resignations.

An increase that Rue de Grenelle tried to reduce: “Since January 1, 2020, teachers have the possibility to leave with a regular rest. This explains this rapid increase. True, the proportion of departures is less high of about 850,000 teachers practicing in France. But in a context of declining competitive registrations, these departures are worrying. ”Over the past five years at the school, the rise in resignations has been nearly 200 that more resign every year ”, points out a study by the Ministry of Education titled. From entry to exit from National Education and published in 2020. It shows that school teachers are the most likely to leave the ship: “their resignation rate is 0.24% compared to 0.18% in certified, 0.14% in agrégé and 0.10% in PLP (professional high school teacher). Another observation: the teachers who train are the ones who throw in the towel the most. Because often, they are aware of the gap between their professional values ​​and the reality of the land.

Wages are considered low

These resignations are multifactorial. But among the reasons often cited by former teachers who responded to our call for witnesses, was their dissatisfaction with the salary: “I was at 2,300 euros after ten years while I was a graduate of a Master 2 , for me is not enough, “Nicolas said. , former professor of physics and chemistry who became an environmental inspector. This is the same observation made by David, a former professor of philosophy, who now works at the Ministry of the Interior: “I have found that my salary and my working conditions are not in line with the difficulty of competition I have encountered. “Cendrine, who resigned from his position as a teacher at the school to become a real estate agent, also said the salary question has become very big:“ Teachers work long hours without meeting: meetings between at noon and two or in the evening. , meeting with parents, preparation and correction. We also often buy equipment with our own money. At the end of the year, that’s the number, ”he said.

The deterioration of their working conditions is also frequently mentioned. “They are very damaging to high school reform: many students per class, but also courses where I feel as useless as science education, 1 hour per week in front of 35 students in the first students in an amphitheater.Managing the heterogeneity of my audience is sometimes difficult, having to create a difficult program with a panel of students with different profiles! If some high school students are right level, some are on the verge of illiteracy, and working with them is even more difficult, ”Nicolas exclaimed.Fanny, who is currently preparing for her retraining, has also found that working conditions have become more difficult: We are more teachers (respect and ideas of courtesy to be taught), social workers, psychologists.We are little or no trained in the realities of the earth: the different forms of anxiety ldado or the difficulties or facilities of learning “. Etienne did not last long: he resigned from his position as teacher of History-Geography after two years. “The difficulties in managing the discipline of college students immediately made me quit,” he said.

“Fed up with a series of reforms that never paid attention to the reality of the land”

Others also spoke of the tense relationship between parents and students. This is what Manon, a former plastic art teacher, said: “I resigned in December because I had to justify myself to the parents, and even sometimes to the students. In some schools, parents make the law. They call on principals to reprimand teachers who think their children don’t lie… To protect myself, I take photos of students ’projects that aren’t common. Jérôme also evoked the “destructive climate caused by a small proportion of the parents of the students”. “They are happy to invent false problems, directly complain to our superiors. It always felt like injustice and it was ruined, you were nervous and worried about everything, all the time, ”he recalls.

In the end, some teachers seem to no longer see the meaning of what they are doing. “Fed up with a series of reforms that never took into account the reality of the land,” said Pascale, who refused after twenty-two years of teaching Spanish. “I no longer like my supervisory ministry and its delusional management. And the Covid-19 crisis and its management, among other things, decided me perfectly, ”Emilie also testified.

The crisis in teacher recruitment as a priority issue for the new Minister of Education, he has already made the review of salaries up. “We need to increase wages and salaries, this is what we will discuss with the unions, to create a shock of attractiveness to ensure that this profession is revalued”, Pap Ndiaye insisted on Thursday at France Inter. But in order to keep teachers in the position, he must also face the dangerous question of working conditions, but also the possibilities of the evolution of National Education …

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