prosecution demands an assizes trial for Islamologist, accused of rape against four women

The case, emblematic of the #metoo movement in France, sheds another light on Tariq Ramadan at the end of 2017, formerly known as a figure in European Islam. Tuesday, July 12, the Paris prosecutor’s office requested an assizes trial for the Swiss Islamologist, for “rape” in relation to the three complainants and for “rape of a person vulnerable to a [quatrième] nagreklamo ».

“Despite the repeated denials of the accused, the judicial investigation has united several elements against Tariq Ramadan”, gives weight to the prosecution of its requisitions. Mr. Ramadan, 59, initially denied that he had sex outside of marriage before finally declaring, in the face of evidence, that it was “relationships of domination () agreed » with the complainants.

“It follows from the statements of all the complainants that consent to a sexual relationship does not mean consent to abuse, beatings, sodomize to the point of becoming something unauthorized. “, added the prosecution in its requisitions. it “Not a blank check that once and for all allows the partner to dictate his or her law”insistence of the two prosecutors.

Final decision by investigating judges

The case was triggered in late October 2017 by complaints from Henda Ayari, an ex-Salafist turned secular activist, and “Christelle”, who was accused of a rape in 2012 in Paris and in 2009 in Lyon. . Between February 2018 and October 2020, Mr. Ramadan has subsequently filed a rape case against these first two complainants and three other possible victims. He has been in prison for ten months.

Two of the later victims were identified by police in photos and messages found on his computer. One of them mentioned at a 2019 hearing a physical relationship “agreed” but one “moral rape”. However, he wrote at the end of June 2021 to the prosecutor’s office in Paris to withdraw his complaint. A third, ex-escort woman Mounia Rabbouj, accused him of nine rapes that took place between 2013 and 2014.

The facts criticized by four of these women – Henda Ayari, “Christelle”, Mounia Rabbouj and one of the two women identified in the photographs – will be the subject of a test assizes in the event that the two investigating are the judge handling this case followed the requisition of the prosecution.

The prosecution rejected the idea of ​​a plot against Tariq Ramadan

The defense also seeks to insist if there is an attempt at messages or photos that suggest following multiple complainants in the relationships as they open up. The prosecution justified its requisitions by the idea of ​​putting punctuation in this file: the victims “everything is under control” is Tariq Ramadan “for the praise and even the worship of that[il] forced them “.

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This was rejected by Mr. Ramadan’s lawyers “kupot” and believes that the complaints result from “sentimental or sexual frustration”or even a political scheme, criticized by their client. “Judicial information does not establish the veracity of a plot criticized by Tariq Ramadan but a common awareness that allows some to have the courage to criticize the facts of which they are victims.»says the prosecution in its submissions.

Three of the advice of Islamologists, Philippe Ohayon, Ouadie Elhamamouchi and Nabila Asmane, on the contrary provoke a “Clumsy poker move” parquet. “But no one was deceived. We have proven many lies and contradictions to the complainants. Never before has the file been so weak »they judged.

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These requirements are “an obvious satisfaction, a great and important step forward and above all a comfort to believe in justice”reacted on his part Eric Morain, lawyer for “Christelle” and Mounia Rabbouj. “After five very difficult years, Mr.ME Ayari is now calm awaiting the decision of the investigating judge.according to his lawyers, Nathanaël Majster, Jonas Haddad, Grégoire Leclerc and Jérémy Kalfon. “It seems so decisive for us that a prominent jury decided on the conduct of Mr. Tariq Ramadan”, they added. Often prolific on social networks, Tariq Ramadan had no reaction on Tuesday afternoon.

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