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If you are a fan of Love is in the pasture, you have to remember Mathieu joined the season in 2020. This touching farmer is a breeder of Camargue bulls. His life was not a long calm river. In fact, he always had problems because of his homo*xu*ity. In addition, he suffers from a rare and incurable disease that reduces his life expectancy… But, thanks to the show, he meets the man of his life in the person of Alexander. Alas, we give you news about him, but they are not encouraging …

Love is in the pasture : Mathieu and Alexandre, a wonderful couple

Mathieu and Alexandre, this is love at first sight and one of the most beautiful stories in the 2020 edition of Love is in the pasture. The farmer loves his suitor from speed-dating. They quickly became loved by the public. The couple was very quick to skip steps, because they had an urgent stay and they wanted to start a home. So, during the balance, the lovebirds reserved a nice surprise for Karine Le Marchand. In fact, Mathieu asks his girlfriend to get married in front of the cameras and has a beautiful statement as a bonus.

Nothing could hold back their tears… Their union project was completed on June 26. Their mother -in -law and witness, Karine Le Marchand, was clearly part of the ceremony! Actually, when they meet, it’s a part thanks to him, but most of all thanks for making Love is in the pasture. In any case, it’s a fusion full of love and Camargue tradition.

Mathieu has a serious illness

So, from a sentimental point of view, the two men are in their little cloud. But the handsome, tattooed 44-year-old brunette has to suffer from a rare disease every day… It’s been two years since doctors told her she suffers from cerebrovascular disease, called Cadasil. This pathology gave him violent migraines. In addition, the farmer Love is in the pasture more likely to have epileptic seizures and stroke.

However, the worst thing about this disease is that its life expectancy is greatly reduced. “The life expectancy of my illness is 62 years, I’m 44, so you’re quick to do math”he approached our comrades from 20 minutes in December.

Matthew from Love is in the pasture have medical follow-up. On Wednesday, he underwent an MRI to check the progression of his disease. The latter is very much on social networks and she does not hesitate to share her daily life. So he shared some bad news with his community. However, it was not about his health condition, but on his pet! He posted the arms and the following caption: “RIP my Kiwi. Your violent absence tonight has hurt me, at almost 6 years of age ”he wrote.

A great friendship for his four -legged companion

He described his hairball as “the apple in his eye” and “always in his shadow. “Same when I urinate, you lie at my feet “in addition to the farmer, with his honest touch of humor. “God I’m in so much pain, you need to protect me so much… but I wasn’t there at the right time to do it…, Mathieu explained with sincerity. He talks about his “guilt“, his”riots“as well as”abyssal emptiness”He felt. His followers quickly sent him messages of support.

One thing is for sure, Mathieu can count on the support of her husband who is always by her side and loves her with unconditional love. Losing a pet is a painful ordeal, but over time, the pain will go away.

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