Mathieu (Love is in the pasture) angry: this sentence from a minister who can’t pass

This Tuesday, July 12, on the Public Senate channel, Caroline Cayeux, Minister in charge of Communities, said “continue” his words against marriage for all. A statement challenging Mathieu, season 15’s headliner Love is in the pasture. On Instagram, the bull breeder didn’t hesitate to show his anger.

In the Public Senate, this Tuesday, July 12, Caroline Cayeux was asked about her past opposition to marriage for all. According to the minutes of the Senate session on April 8, 2013, quoted by Caroline Cayeux “words of the philosopher Chantal Delsol”. “With this great philosopher, I think ‘the necessity of same -sex marriage, and the adoption of children with it’, is not just a scheme that is against ‘nature’. More seriously “, he declared in front of the high house of Parliament. A speech in which the Minister in charge of the Territorial Community returned to the Public Senate, this Tuesday, July 12th. Yes, at that time, Of course I stand by my words. but I always say I will apply the law, if it is voted “, said the politician. And to continue the attacks where it was the target the day after the publication of a petition “for government without LGBTQIAphobia” signed by several Nupes representatives: “I have a lot of friends among all these people and frankly, I didn’t make a good test. And that made me very sad. ”

After this statement, Mateo, headlining season 15 at Love is in the pasturedid not hesitate to speak on Instagram. “I’m going to get out of my usual silence about politics, but here, there’s a scandal that has just taken place. Minister Caroline Cayeux said in 2013 that marriage is for all and adoption is against nature ”, thus began the breeder of bulls. And Alexander’s companion continued:Madame Cayeux is a Republican Minister, marriage for all has been in law for 10 years. It is unusually scandalous that a minister was elected and made such comments. ” On the social network, Mathieu n / A also not to be forgotten to show support of those calling the minister to leave. “So I’m like a lot of associations, I demanded his resignation. I also demanded an intervention from the Minister responsible for LGBT rights, Mrs Lonvis-Rome, whom we have not heard of, who has had no subscribers since the start of her mandate.according to Cadasil sufferer. And in conclusion: “Oh, that the Prime Minister has something to do. ”

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Caroline Cayeux regrets the “inappropriate” words

This Tuesday afternoon, after the program aired by the Public Senate, Caroline Cayeux posted a tweet announcing “very sorry” those old words. “Many of you are hurt by my words. I deeply regret them. They are naturally inappropriate. Equal rights must always be a priority in our action “, he wrote. A mea culpa that seemed unconvincing the day after a petition was published “for government without LGBTQIAphobia”. This forum, relayed by Stubbornqualifies Caroline Cayeux as “face to demo for everyone”. “Madame Cayeux, a senator in 2012, described marriage for all as ‘a whim’, ‘a disrespectful and unnecessary opening up of rights'”challenge the signatories.

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