Lost on Prime Day? Here are only 3 real promos on Amazon

See you from midnight this Monday night to take advantage of the best Amazon Prime Day deal. The French e-commerce leader already gave us some great offers on Monday. Here is the list of all the latest tips.

Prime Day will begin this Monday night at midnight : Amazon plans to flood the web with thousands of bargains. It’s only reserved for Prime member guests: if you’re not already part of the community, you can benefit from a 30 -day trial period (free). From then on, you can take advantage of all these references at incredible prices. Prime Day will last from July 12 to 13, 2022.

Even before the operation began, Amazon had already revealed some big deals. Own brands like Ring, Echo or Kindle have seen their prices fall by as much as -80%. And it’s only for high-tech because all categories are concerned. If you want to do business, you need to 1) have a Prime account and 2) go to the Amazon site.

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Become a Prime Member

Some of you may not be brave enough to tackle the hundreds of pages of Prime Day deals on Amazon. For them, we prepared a list of all the things we considered important on the first day of surgery. The list is updated when new offers fall, and according to stock shortages. On some models, everything disappears in a few minutes.

Prime Day deals:

To see all the offers, go here:

See Prime Day Deals

Within 48 hours and until Wednesday night, we will regularly update the offers available. Prime Day is a long distance race, you have to be patient. In any case, don’t expect to see a decrease in percentages over time: that’s not going to happen. The danger of this strategy is to see catalog products disappear due to lack of stock. In years past, this has always been the case.

In France, many millions of people have their Prime subscription. Many people try to get their hands on discount products from prestigious brands like Apple, Philips or iRobot. It has to be fast because the latest models leave in a few seconds. If a new iPhone is promoted at a bargain price, it can disappear in seconds.

Prime Day: Amazon bets on its own brands

Like last year’s Black Friday, Prime Day promotes the group’s own Seattle brands. Thus we have seen very strong discounts on all Echo devices. These are the speakers, more or less portable, that allow you to use your voice assistant Alexa. Depending on their size and characteristics, you can use them as speakers for listening to music or as a screen interface. They are available up to -70% off the usual price.

We also love all of Amazon’s e-readers with discounts for Prime Day. It’s about the entire Kindle range, from the standard version at 39 euros to a more premium version like the Paperwhite. The latter falls below the deadly 100 euro mark, at just 89 euros, and it would be perfect for the summer. It is not water resistant and its screen will fit all around. You can easily get 50% discount for this first day of this great Prime Day.

To keep up with Amazon’s products, there’s also the Fire TV Stick 4K Max available at a reduced price. The latter allows you to stream 4K content to your screen, from a smartphone for example. It’s a bit of the same principle as Google’s Chromecast, but it’s much more advanced. He also lost 50% of the fee, which is a very good deal at this price. For Prime Day, Amazon is truly king of all its devices.

We can continue the list of good Prime Day offers on other Amazon brands (Ring, Blink, eero…). As such, we can expect other more prestigious brands from this Monday at midnight. As always, Apple, Samsung, Sony, LG, Philips, Xiaomi or Huawei must be present. They have always been available on Prime Day since 2015, there is no reason to need to change this year.

Amazon wants its Prime Day to be successful because the context has become more complex for e-commerce. Sales of smartphones and computers have been in the free fall since the start of the month. It has to be said that the persistence of inflation is punishing households. As such, Prime Day allows you to save money on all themes, it’s a good time to buy cheaper. Instead of waiting for the start of the school year, you can save -30 or -40% this July 12 and 13, 2022.

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A right to change your mind

In France, e-merchants are obliged to give customers at least 14 days to withdraw, return the product and get a refund. This is also the case during times when products are declining in price. Amazon is still going strong because it still offers 30 days to change your mind. If you have already received your package at home, you may think it is real. Sometimes, during operations like Prime Day, we buy too little and then we regret our choice.

Fortunately, this is why it has the right to withdraw. Prime Day forces customers, even Prime members, to hurry. Stocks are very low and any second they can disappear. The Amazon site often does not clearly show the number of models in stock. When there are less than 10 left in a reference, it can be very quick. Until you have validated and paid for your basket, the product is not yours.

The list we made above will be updated in real time, according to opportunities. We invite you to come back often to this page to find out about unforgettable offers. Amazon promises lots of surprises for Prime Day, we can’t wait to discover them. We will share it with you when it appears on the merchant’s site.

To make it Prime Day tonight, here it is:

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