Jealousy of the Turtle

In one village live Ijapa the Turtle and Adjà the Dog. These two friends are the only animals that live with men, women and children.

One day, as they were walking, they met Yawa, the oldest woman in the village. He was carrying a very heavy bundle of wood on his back and had difficulty walking. Adjà, the Dog, greets him:

ADJA THE DOG: “Hello grandma! »

DEVIL: “How is my child!”

Out of pity, Adjà the Dog suggested to his friend Ijapa the Turtle to help the old woman bring her fagot home. Ijapa replied:

IJAPA THE TURTLE: “Are you looking at me well? You can imagine me, Ijapa, beautiful like me, carrying a large bundle on my back to accompany a slow old woman. No, I’m not wasting my time! I’m sorry. »

Then he turned his back on the Dog.

Shocked by his friend’s reaction, the dog replied:

ADJA THE DOG: “Ijapa, did you hear yourself talking? “and whispered in Ijapa’s ear “You know very well that tradition asks us to be respectful of the elderly. »

But Ijapa the Turtle continued his walk, leaving behind his Devil, the old woman, and his friend Adjà the Dog, whom he called as he walked:

IJAPA THE TURTLE: “All right, you can’t stop me, go help Mr. Luggage Carrier. I have something better to do. »

That is why only Adjà the Dog helped the old woman to bring her fagot.

The old woman was touched by the Dog’s behavior:

DEVIL: “Thank you so much my son.

After depositing the bundle Adjà the Dog asked him:

ADJA THE DOG: “Mom, can I do anything else for you? »

DEVIL: “Son, you’ve done enough. I would love to reward you, with me. »

He brought Adjà Dog to his house.

DEVIL: “Here are three drums: one large, one medium and one small. Choose the one you like and bring it to me. »

The Dog has complied. He chose the little drum he gave to the Devil.

He liked that he chose the smaller drum, then encouraged him to remain humble for the rest of his life. He added:

DEVIL: “Anytime, I mean when you’re hungry, just beat the drum. It’s like a signal that you send me and, automatically, the food appears. »

Adjà Le Chien bowed, thanked him many times and peacefully returned home.

The day came when the food ran out. While the villagers’ supplies were exhausted, Adjà the Dog was missing nothing. He carefully followed the instructions of the old Devil and he ate every day.

Ijapa the Turtle and Adjà the Dog no longer meet. Until the day the rumor spread in the village that Adjà the Dog had received a gift from an old woman that allowed him to no longer suffer from hunger. Ijapa Turtle decides to go and check the information for himself.

IJAPA THE TURTLE: “Hello my dear friend Adjà! »

ADJA THE DOG: “Hello Ijapa, what do I owe your visit? »

IJAPA: “I was hungry and I heard there was food. In the name of our friendship, Adjà, can you give it to me? »

The Dog, well, explained to the turtle how he had received this gift.

He tapped the drum several times and an abundance of food appeared.

While eating, the turtle said to the dog:

IJAPA THE TURTLE: “But friend, why did you choose the smallest drum? We need to get the most out of it so that all the villagers can enjoy it! »

But in his heart of hearts, Ijapa the Turtle makes another discourse:

IJAPA THE TURTLE (to himself): “Take the smallest drum, kpô! I am Ijapa, I would have chosen the biggest one to open a restaurant and sell harvested food to all the villagers. »

Then Ijapa Turtle decides to go to the old woman to steal the big drum. He thought he was smart, forgetting that only the old woman could give each drum its power. When he got home, Ijapa Turtle closed his doors, his windows, lined up his plates, and started beating the drum.

Unfortunately for him, this drum had an evil genie hit him, beat him, and beat him again. He called for help but no one helped him.

He just kept on the run, his back injured by the bruises he had received.

Legend has it that many wounds formed while healing the shell that we know about him today. The scars of the fractures condemned her forever to act like an old woman.

Africa in the story is a series created by the NGO Des Livres Pour Tous – Côte d’Ivoire and the collective Making Waves, in partnership with RFI. This project received support from the “Access Culture” project of the French Institute in Paris and the French Development Agency (AFD), the “ACP -EU Culture for West Africa – Awa” program from the French Institute and Kôrè Cultural Center, the “Agir” system of the Department of Seine-Saint-Denis and the Region of Île-de-France.

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