Elsa Esnoult “traumatized” by Fort-Boyard: she tells of “horror”

Elsa Esnoult will join Fort-Boyard for the 3rd time, on July 16. However, in her previous appearances on the show, the Mysteries of Love star has experienced “horror” …

Since 1990, French summer holidays have been punctuated by the broadcast of new episodes of the popular public service broadcast, Fort Boyard. The recipe is simple: show business personalities facing their greatest fears to raise money for various associations. And if the audience is defeated… The stars are small! Plus, they didn’t hesitate to announce it, like Elsa Esnoult.

Elsa Esnoult: insect phobic

On July 16, the actress Elsa Esnoult, who has participated twice Fort Boyardmake a comeback on this game show with Philippe Etchebest, Erika Moulet, Terence Telle, Cyril Gane and Guillaume Aldebert. After playing for the organizations Tombée du nid and Tara Océan, Fanny Greyson’s translator The Mysteries of Love fight this season for Solidarity Firefighters with his chef-led team. However, these first two appearances of the film were not very fun.

When he first arrives in 2019, the star of TMC He had an anxiety attack while he was in the abandoned Cabin and that, during a phone exchange with Father Fourras, several insects fell on him.. “I live trauma by these beasts and, since that day, I have been more afraid “he had just told the magazine TV 7 Days. And to add: “My fear is to live this dream again”.

And for good reason, one who is also a singer clarified in the production Fort Boyard : He is phobia of insects. During his second appearance on the show today presented by Olivier Minne. Elsa Esnoult has to follow the rules of the Spa’rade activity and thus dive three bathtubs full of frogs and snakes of all kinds. All while concentrating on answering the area owner’s questions.

Elsa Esnoult: the hardship of “terror” at Fort-Boyard

But if the insects don’t really please him, they’re not the ones who mark him the most. The worst was his experience at La Cloche. “When they put a harness on me, I immediately said, ‘No, no, not me! I’ve done the jumping!’ Oh, another test awaits me … Even worse ! I stood on the giant trapeze, 15 meters high. And I swing higher and higher, faster and faster. The horror! “, he remembers his interview with TV 7 Days before proceeding: “However, I’m a fan of the craziest rides at amusement parks. There, nothing to see. I’m alone, more in the void …”.

So many misadventures that didn’t stop one from releasing his third album 6 on Aug. 26, to return to the show. “In the end, I always leave with pride and with a smile …”he said.

Elsa Esnoult: what is she planning for her summer

When this test is over, Above all, Elsa Esnoult will enjoy a well-deserved summer vacation. In any case, this is what he recently trusted the magazine migratory collecting at this time the confessions of French personalities. And for him, summer vacation is at sea or not!

“I love spending my time in the water, which is at best transparent, and always!”, he delivered. This year, the star of the program TMC stay in France. I will be staying in France because I recently went to Nashville in the United States to record my new album.he explained. “I have to stay close to my family and pets. So I will share myself between Deauville, Nantes and Strasbourg where I will go to meet my grandmother ”.

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