And to save the severely ill body of National Education, Pap Ndiaye invented the “shock of attractiveness”

Pap Ndiaye, our new Minister of National Education last week was the morning guest at France Inter. In order not to deviate from the established rule, our awakening begins by announcing the endless discussions that will “come” with the trade unions to “change the teaching profession.»

As we know the antifon and further we have read the frightening letter addressed by Mr. Pap Ndiaye to the severely ill body comprising the teacher (in this one, there is little question of the authority of the restored master, nuts of knowledge to pass on. to, but with a lot of care to bring to the “benefit” of the student.), we prepared, jaded, to proceed.

That our normalien, agrégé of history and doctor of history, willing to do anything to convince the skeptics of his full commitment to the school, was momentarily relieved of our fatigue: he did not hesitate to rejection of his language. peers, using an expression not even daring to imagine coming out of the mouth of a first-year student at a third-rate business school.

Not mincing words, much less insoluble, he affirmed, indifferently, suggesting to create a “shock of attractiveness” for the teaching profession. Well my juniors! We were left with a two -sided circle! Should we expect the “double Kiss Cool effect” or the “magical Impulse effect”?

Immediately, my imagination took over: I was dreaming. That was the end of the Great Depression in National Education. Finally, teachers who have reconciled with a degraded and degraded profession may feel useful and move toward preserving a species that has been on the verge of extinction for decades: “the brown rat” * in the library.

On the other hand, on the side of psychiatrists and pharmacists, we will make puppets smaller. Will La Verrière (rest house for teachers at the end of their rope), be a museum dedicated to the memory of the “darkest hours” of National Education? Will future generations of professors who have fallen into the “shock of attractiveness”, happy to be out of the canals, will soon visit this place that has long enjoyed a dismal reputation? The Ancients will remember with trembling the time when this psychiatric hospital was awakened in front of the coffee machines of all the establishments in France, in the tone of a yellow comedy, as if in rejection of fate.

MGEN (General Mutual Fund for National Education) is pleased to finally be able to make huge savings. He would stop adding, hence half the salary of legions of depressed professors, on long -term illness or long -term leave.

It is no longer a headache to transfer teachers who have become phobic at school, who have to be occupied with anonymous administrative tasks to justify paying their salaries. Enthusiastic about the idea of ​​pedagogical tomorrow, so I tried to listen to the ministerial talk at the end.

The ace! I immediately understood that the prospect of this “shock of attractiveness” was the same as waiting for Godot. There was nothing in the ministerial talk that suggested we should do the only thing to do: put the teacher back in the center, which he should not have left, in the class. The student, who has become definitively retained, will remain an “actor in his knowledge”. Supported by his parents, and backed by an administration that rejected his teachers, he would continue to have almost all the rights, with no shadow of a duty and especially not to learn.

Increase the salary (But how much, and when?), Though.

In our opinion, however, the evil is coming farther and work dating, as a way of recruiting contract-based class facilitators, has a bright future ahead to recoup those. loss of teachers.

No one dares to say this but it is clear: if teachers increase their sick leave, it is not because they are lazy. This is simply because literally being in front of them every day, occasionally or unfortunately prolonged exfiltration is something that will survive for them.

It was in a good atmosphere similar, in the best cases, to the reign of Matignon when Elisabeth Borne gave a general policy speech that teachers administer on a daily basis. It is impossible to prevent the noise pollution caused by our students because there is no arsenal of authorized responses to counter the relentless “incivility” of our youth. On the contrary, it should be answered with the utmost “goodness”. Otherwise, parents and administration will inevitably fall into a bent spine even more every day.

Nights and weekends are spent deciphering copies without syntax and spelling, we have to separate the content from the form. It’s not a question of losing the intellectual nuggets hidden under a destructive expression, innocent of the old madman Boileau. In addition, anyone who writes correctly, will never return their copies without chatting their teeth, so that their return will provoke the anger of many geniuses who consider themselves unfair. understanding. Their even in the face of a terrible note is often extremely violent and less content to remain verbal.

If you’re not in the arena or if you haven’t corrected phonetic writing and have no punctuation all night, you need to prepare the lessons that you need to strive for in order to be “attractive” as well, even in game (without saying it: we shouldn’t be afraid of anyone with incomprehensible jargon, our graduates just reminded us of this) and if possible there’s no problem.

In teaching, therefore, one must be able to resist embarrassment, noise, and more fear. So, no, no one, under these conditions, is in no hurry,

and, that we stop beating our ears with “vocation”. No one with a reasonable self -esteem can be called upon to serve as a punching bag or a doormat.

As long as the life of the teacher lasts, as Shakespeare says in “ macbeth “:” a passing shadow, a poor actor wandering around and confusing his time on stage and then we no longer hear (…) a story told by a madman, full of voice and anger, and nothing ‘ y meaning. “, the use of the expressions of poor verbal communication by a Minister of National Education, which we recall he nevertheless put together, will only serve as a joke where he imagines selling dreams.

We are waiting for the Copernican revolution to put the teacher at the center of the class.

*rat in Norway is the name that ecologists in Paris decided to give the rats so we can stop prejudice against these rats.

Isabelle Larmat, professor of Modern Literature.

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