A European Metaverse hub in Luxembourg

SnT at the University of Luxembourg has announced a strategic relationship to develop this ambitious experiment that is still in its infancy.

An evolving technology


SnT at the University of Luxembourg has announced a strategic relationship to develop this ambitious experiment that is still in its infancy.

In 1992, Neal Stephenson coined the term “metaverse” in his novel The Virtual Samurai to depict a parallel world accessible with a helmet and where each user has their own avatar. Thirty years ago, reality now surpasses fiction. Since 2021, the year in which Facebook redesigned its own “Meta” and thus dedicated much of its activity to developing a metaverse, these alternative universes are now as much more concrete. reality than before.

This technology developed in Luxembourg allows any user to control a terminal remotely, simply by taking finger movements. A very important process of age without contact.

And while some claim that innovation is lacking in Luxembourg, it is clear that the Grand Duchy was a pioneer in this area. So, just a few days ago, Virtuel Rangers, a studio for creating immersive virtual and augmented reality applications in Luxembourg, and The Dots, a specialized marketing agency, launched “Luxembourg Metaverse”. A virtual world that can now be explored and where the various companies that are building in their neighborhood are shoulder to shoulder, such as Axa Group, BIL, Post and even CFL.

A “strategic” relationship with SnT

Today, it is yet another major player on the field looking to make its mark in Luxembourg. In fact, Metaverse entertainment and innovation company “Infinite Reality” has announced that it has entered into a “strategic relationship” with the Interdisciplinary Center for Security, Reliability and Trust (SnT) at the University of Luxembourg.

Satispay, electronic finance.  Luxembourg, Luxembourg - 23. 04. 2019 photo: Matic Zorman / Luxemburger Wort

The Luxembourg House of Financial Technologies provides a platform for young, new financial service providers from around the world.

A real pride for Carlo Duprel, Head of the SnT Technology Transfer Office. “Our activity is related to research in all information and communication technologies, from cybersecurity to cryptography. We also work on everything related to space or robotics. Our goal is to work with industry in Luxembourg and open to all players, whether public or private.It is in the context that this Infinite Reality collaboration has taken place “, he explained, adding that SnT works with more than 60 partners, mostly Fintech players. “The Luxembourg government approached us because Infinite Reality wanted to set up their European office in Luxembourg.”

To compete on Facebook

From the business world, the American company wants to compete with Facebook’s “Meta” juggernaut by creating a European Metaverse hub in the Grand Duchy. A god for SnT who strongly believes in the potential of this technology. “From scientific point of view, there is a particular interest in this version of Metaverse because in the case of Infinite Reality, they want to offer something very open. And then, in general, it should be recognized that it is very exciting to work on a new technology like this because it represents many scientific and technological challenges that have yet to be resolved.

For SnT, there is no doubt that this is the future of the traditional internet. “The business potential is huge. There is still a lot of work to be done, though,” admitted the head of the Technology Transfer Office. “In addition to the fact that we need to guarantee strong connections for the entire population, software needs also efficient. You also need to ask yourself all the questions related to the legal framework. ”Because in fact, the drifts came quickly. “You need to link each avatar to an identity so as not to give a chance to malicious people who might take advantage of Metaverse to commit illegal acts such as hate speech or moral harassment. So the question of moderation arose. .

About 1.11 million SMS messages were sent on December 31 and January 1. 11 million.

Luxembourg operator Tango has partnered with an Israeli company to launch “Net Protect”, a tool to protect the mobile network used by their customers.

For Carlo Duprel, a Metaverse democracy and accessible on a worldwide scale, it will take no more than ten years. “But I’m sure it will happen and it will include new things like NFTs (a non-fungible token that represents something that cannot be exchanged, Ed). Users will be able to purchase within the Metaverse through NFTs and thus become owners of a digital work. In fact, in some Metaverses, it is now possible to buy land or virtual homes through NFTs and thus become their owners. ” But then again, it also involves a lot of cybersecurity issues. “

One thing is for sure: SnT wants to see this project accomplished by 2022, albeit in a “sandbox” version that will allow everyone to become familiar with this technology that can be efficient and truly transformative. in our daily lives. “It is in any case a very good thing that many Metaverse have already seen the light of day in the Grand Duchy. If we can build an ecosystem on a national scale, it could have a positive economic impact for the country, which can also be fully aligned with its digital strategy.

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