What is the best hunting dog?

Whether you are hunting a duck or wild boar, whether you are looking for a hunter dog or pointer, here are the best breeds of dogs to help the hunter flush and bring back the prey.

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For tens of thousands of years it has followed us… like a little dog. But if sometimes we have the impression that we know everything about our best friend, the researchers have not finished teaching us.

no best dog perfect hunting “, warns André Varlet, director of Canine Central. A spaniel is very good at bringing back a pheasant that has fallen into a bush, but never at flushing a wolf in its burrow. At 10 p.m. official dog group, seven can be used for hunting.

Terriers and Dachshunds

Terriers and dachshunds are medium-sized dogs (6 to 9) kg) suitable for hunting small game: badger, rabbit, hare, fox … It should be small enough to expel the animals from their holes, there is a very good stink, and “shout”, that is, howl and loudly to warn the hunter. ” They are also brave dogs, who do not hesitate to attack larger than them, and persevere, to track the game over long distances. “Said André Varlet. Dachshunds also enjoy the water and are able to pick up ducks that have fallen into a pond.


The group of dogs (Beagle, German Hound, Basset Hound, Griffon Sold…) intended for hunting furry animals, small and large: hare, fox, rabbit, wild boar, deer. It is looking for packages and must be able to follow the same animal at a long distance without being scattered. Both obedient and autonomous, he must have a deep voice that can be heard a few miles around to guide the hunter’s shots. It will suit all types of soil.

teaching dogs

Pointers (Breton Spaniel, German Pointer, English Setter, Pointer, etc.) are used to signal the presence of the game and “place” it (force it to stop), then return it once shot. It is commonly used to hunt partridge, pheasant, quail, woodcock or duck. the dogs has the main quality of a very good sense of smell that allows it to smell the smell of the game brought by WIND. Then it follows in rapid zigzags until it can approach the prey without being intimidated. When the hunter arrives, he launches the bird, which the hunter can then shoot.

Getting dogs or game retrievers

In this category we find Golden retriever, the Labrador, the cocker spaniel, the English Springer or even the barbet. Unlike the pointing dog, the retriever dog is used to drive the game towards the hunter and to find where the victim fell to return it to his master. ” They are obedient dogs, have a very good sense of smell and must have a very good “tag”, observe and remember the different drop points “Said André Varlet. They are “tough on evil” dogs, who don’t hesitate to make bushes and bushes to recover a rabbit or a pheasant. The Golden retriever or water spaniel is also a good swimmer who is able to pick up a fallen duck in the middle of a pond.

Nordic and primitive dogs

These Finnish spitz or Russian-European laika type dogs are used in Scandinavia to hunt the big game: reindeer, bear, elk … They have a good sense of direction and corner their prey at bay.


the hunting The greyhound is banned in France but is still practiced in Spain, Portugal, some Eastern European countries and Russia. The greyhound seeks by looking at the open ground and therefore does not need a good sense of smell. On the other hand, it is very fast and must know how to anticipate the paths of a hare or a wolf. The breeds recommended are the Greyhound, the Galgo or the Russian Borzoi.

Finally, what dog to choose when you practice all types of hunting? “JI advise as dog hunting versatile a pointing dog type german shorthaired pointer, german spaniel or german griffonrecommended by André Varlet. He is able to locate, signal and end the game, even if he does not have good tracking and voice qualities such as tracking dogs and puppies. “.

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