The “Ritz” of dogs and cats is available, and it’s in Saran!

The Ritz for dogs and cats is available. Although not located on Place Vendôme, the palace is located in the Les Sables de Sary industrial zone, Suggestions. Less attractive, perhaps, but more practical for furballs to sniff at their ease, relied on by their masters to take good care ofAngelique Grangan and his team.

The animal friend does Dog Hotel Resort in October 2014, a high-end pet resort. “At that time, everyone took me for a nice light“, He recalls. full until mid -September 2022. And no more content, since January. “We have an occupancy rate of 80%”, its manager specified.

Twelve rooms for dogs and eight for cats

The 600 square meter building has, on the ground floor, twelve rooms intended for dogs, ranging in size from 10 to 25 square meters, air-conditioned or heated depending on the weather, and soundproofed so that the neighbors do not approach each other. . As an option, customers can request a webcam to imagine their four -legged companions if they wished, or a television.

“Some animals need good presence. If they are accustomed to noise, silence can arouse anxiety. We show movies like Scooby Doo hope Babeso that they may hear voices related to the animal world. “

Their owners should only bring bowls, food and other items they deem necessary.

Canids also benefit froma game room inside the house as wellpark of 3,200 square meters and D ‘a large swimming pool, filled with 80 centimeters of water. “We take them every four hours minimum, determined Angelique Grangan. Currently they are from 7 a.m. to noon and then from 4 p.m. ”

The Dog Hotel Resort has a park and swimming pool for doggies! Photo by Pascal Proust

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“Not everyone can afford this luxury”

And if animals like dogs and cats get along? “We are no longer welcome social animals only. We did a test one day. If all goes well, the reservation is validated ”, introduced the head of the company.

Some residents do not associate with the group, such as this old cocker spaniel, being harassed by his friends, or this “harassing dog,” which makes women uncomfortable. We call him Jean-Claude Dus because he always tries to finish!“, He didn’t smile.

There is an indoor toy for dogs. Photo by Pascal Proust

The Dog Hotel Resort has a grooming salon, a hydrotherapy pool. Fitness prescribed by a veterinarian. The company also offers transportation services and dog training courses. “Everything applies individually.”

Above than cat paradise, ie eight bedrooms with sofas, cat beds and relaxation furniture. Once again, the masters brought the material they wanted. The tomcats have remained locked in there in their residence, ever since“They’re very smart when it comes to avoidance”.

Eight rooms are available for cats. Photo by Pascal Proust

To access such a palace, customers – Loiretans and people living in the Paris region, for the most part – have to pay the price: 30 euros per night for dogs during school holidays (28 euros excluding holidays) and 22 euros for catsthroughout the year.

Prices that do not deter Saranais Philippe Foussadier. Since the opening of the Dog Hotel Resort, he and his wife have been bringing their cat there. Those who have discovered the place by chance, on the Internet, can no longer do without it.

“When Minette got home, she made us pay for the separation for a few hours, meowing. he will always come back in good shape. We can see that he is being hugged, taken care of. “

Philippe Foussadier believes that “Angélique Grangan has found a niche that, unfortunately, does not exist elsewhere. Although there is a need. On our side, we booked a month in advance or so. ”

A few weeks before… This Orléanais also continued in this way, after suffering two rejections for lack of anticipation. Everything is done to make it easier for pet owners“, he assured.

Projects in Bordeaux and Deauville

However, his dog will not return to the Saranese Ritz. “The days were good, but he couldn’t bear to be alone at night. He knocked on the door,” he said, before adding:

“The employees are frank and very good. They explain to us that animal welfare is the most important thing. We feel that way.they do not seek to make numbers.

As for the price of living, he admits it’s high: “Your holiday budget has to be taken into account. Obviously not everyone can afford this luxury.”

If the company, where five employees work, is hit by a health crisis, it heals. “We’re back in rhythm in 2019, with a turnover in excess of 230,000 euros“, Says the animal lover.

In fact, the project he holds, that’s onopen new establishments, in Bordeaux (Gironde) and Deauville (Calvados), returned to the front of the stage. Angélique Grangan, on the other hand, has no plans to expand the Loiret palace: “The idea is not to accept fifty dogs and cats at the same time. that the Dog Hotel Resort continues to be a part of the familyreachable and human. ” Tawo? One way of saying, of course.

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Anne-Laure Le Jan

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