Thanks to its 2 emblematic brands, Champion Petfoods has risen to the rank of leader in super premium food for cats and dogs.

The happiness and good health of our 4-legged friends goes through the bowl. As owners, we have a responsibility to serve them excellent foods, tailored to their species, age, size and level of physical activity. That mark of love and attention will contribute to their growth.

All this knows, pet lovers “they threw Pet Foods Champion in 1985. The Canadian company was born with a vision: to be a leader in high quality food for cats and dogs. Nearly 40 years ago, the group is happy to be successful in their game with flying colors thanks to its 2 main brands, ORIJEN ™ and ACANA.

ACANA ™ and ORIJEN ™: products thought and designed for pet lovers, for pet lovers

By building brands ACANA and ORIJEN ™, Pet Foods Champion guarantees meals prepared with fresh, natural and premium foods. It was a real feast of flavors and delights in our pets ’bowl!

ACANA ™, fresh and quality food

ACANAas a result of contracting alberta and Canada, started in 1985. The brand targets the dogs of farmers and ranchers in the region. Concerned about offering them high quality food, ACANA favored local knowledge of using ingredients from neighboring farms.

5 years after making it, Pet Foods Champion inaugurates a more spacious kitchen alberta because of its flourishing growth. In this canine habitat and feline gastronomy, recipes are made in a way that promotes the well-being and good health of the animals. At least 50% of food is of animal origin, fresh or raw.

Perfect balance of vegetables, fruits and official herbs, these fine little dishes (croquettes and sweets) can delight the palate as well as the stomachs of our life partners.

Selecting ORIJEN ™ for return to origin

The 2e brand made within the family Pet Foods Champion in 2005 created recipes tailored to the biological and evolving needs of our animals. In fact, foods – available in the form of cereal -free kibbles – contain between 85 and 90% ingredients of animal origin. Thus, they provide all the nutrients the body needs in cats and dogs, which make them feel stronger, but happier.

For a little anecdote, the name ORIJEN ™ comes from an origin of the word “origin”, thus meaning return of origins.

Article illustration: Thanks to its 2 emblematic brands, Champion Petfoods has risen to the rank of leader in super premium food for cats and dogs

Champion Petfoods, leader in super premium food for cats and dogs

Currently, the products of Pet Foods Champion available in hundreds of countries. Veterinarians, nutritionists, technicians, scientists, but also and above all animal enthusiasts combine their knowledge to offer the best of our hairballs. As the company said in a statement, “ the products for dogs and cats of the ORIJEN ™ and ACANA ™ brands are above all thought and designed for pet lovers, for pet lovers. “.

The desire to ensure the health and well -being of our life partners is written in the DNA of the group. The ingredients are selected from reliable suppliers and are well organized. In the hands of nutritionist experts, they have become high -quality, biologically suitable foods for our furry friends.

Dogs and cats definitely need a diet based on animal products, because of their metabolism and their own behavior, combined with the right amount of vitamins and minerals. “, he recalled Pet Foods Champion.

So, if you want to provide super premium food to your little ones, go to pet stores, specialist stores or e-commerce to find out the recipes of the brands. ACANA and ORIJEN ™ !

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