Taken from AD Education, Oktogone is open internationally

In the private training market, large groups and financial players rely on outside coverage to boost their growth. A trend that has been observed for many years and from which Oktogone seeks to benefit. The online training company recently came under the control of AD Education giant, which acquired itself at the end of 2020 with investment fund Ardian. “We remained independent“, warns Régis Micheli, the founder and general manager of Oktogone.This allows us to preserve our brands and open the doors to new markets.“, He was happy.

The Sophia-Antipolis-based company bases its business model around two major offerings. First there is Visiplus, dedicated to professionals, and Iscod, which is more aimed at students with work -study programs. As for the type of training, half is related to marketing and digital communications. An option that should not come as a surprise because, initially, the company Visiplus worked in this sector of activity. “We switched to training because when we provide services to a client, they ask us to show them how they can do it.“, says Régis Micheli. E-learning then became a natural choice to solve the difficulties of customers traveling far geographically. A choice was made”seven years ago“, but experienced a sudden acceleration in Covid.”The market takes three years to mature“, according to the leader.

In addition to this communication aspect, Oktogone offers training in various areas such as management, human resources, accounting and new real estate. “All business sectors where digital has an impact“, summarizes the general manager. It is a question of learning to deal with new tools that can be for example the electronic signature or the virtual real estate case visits. These trainings are provided either to internal staff or to external parties in the case of “business specific“. Oktogone has 32 degree courses as well as more than 300 learning modules. A formula that allows it to achieve a turnover of 32 million euros.

Obvious footbridges

In all, Régis Micheli admitted that 7,500 were registered “at present“in both of its offerings, but ensures no typical profile. On the other hand, professionals are more numerous than Visiplus brings together 5,000 subscribers. A ratio with significant advantages, which are less job-dependent. study of students where public assistance encourages this type of profile.

But the situation may not last. The Court of Auditors recently pointed out the limitations of this system based on subsidies. “Our business model is not based on this“, confirmed Régis Micheli. If he does not comment on the opinion of the Court of Auditors, he believes that the assistance has merit to”allow companies to discover training“.

The future drivers of Oktogone’s growth are more international now. “We are still arranging this rapprochement and we are preparing the Europeanization of our offers“, explains Régis Micheli. The company will also work to digitize some AD Education courses. Between the two entities, some services will need to combine to create synergies. As for new offers, “quite early“, slips, cautiously, the manager. But it should stay with what the new parent company does, whose core business is in the audiovisual, creative arts or even the luxury sectors. Areas where Oktogone does not. , a bridge that seems likely to widen.his economic future.