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It’s hard to say what the real direction is. Marvel Cinematic Universe with him Stage 4 to go in all directions by multiplying the characters, dealing with the consequences ofLast game and to open its water gates multiverseespecially recently Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness with some possibly very interesting leads. Don’t expect to have too many answers to this part by looking Thor: Love and Thundermaking his happy way through his cosmic bubble and asgardian. Before getting to the heart of the matter, obviously not spoilerif you’re not a particular client of Taika Waititi’s comedy and are hoping for a little more serious work, avoid bothering your brain and move on, because Thor: Love and Thunder a dramatic comedy in line with Ragnarok. That is, we value it more 4e section, especially because of its themes.

In any case, the director was happy to have fun with Thor.

By introduction, we are entitled to an effective implementation of the antagonist in this film that allows a few minutes to find out his motives. He was bald, had a pale complexion and quickly wanted to exterminate all the gods in the universe … no, it wasn’t Kratosand Gorr, the Slayer of God. Although his appearance is not very the comics are accurate, it Voldermort The space encamped by an almost unknown Christian Bale made a strong impression on us.. Already, his personal finding is reasonable and opens up debate on the role of the gods mcu. In addition, the actor breaks the screen by being cool and entertaining in his own way. Sadly his nickname is not very well executed, as the violent actions of the “executioner” took place outside the camera, simply mentioned before he finished the attack. Thor. Another detail that has something to frighten us, its purpose is to go through the introduction of good and appropriate form ofa real deus ex machina that we don’t know much about in the end. In fact, seeing this kind of element of MOONLIGHT ROMANCE The comics brought to the screen are nice, but they deserve a fuller explanation and perhaps a use of the context of a more “serious” issue.

Many times, Used by Taika Waititi Si Korg as narrator to summarize at one point what is going on in a character’s life, a process that makes more sense because the director consists of Kronian on the screen. This part meta reinforced by the fact that he told it through the fireside of a group of children seen in one of the trailers, and thus the whole story of the film. Who then can tell if everything we see is real (intradiegetically of course) or decorated to make the whole thing more enjoyable to its audience? What is certain is that this adventure is with Thor primarily there for humor and not much else.

Critical review of Thor Love and Thunder 02 10 07 2022So the god of thunder is introduced again next to Guardians of the Galaxywhose presence is more of a cameo than anythingsimply create an action in the presence at the beginning of the feature film by ensuring a transition between the end ofLast game and this new adventure, appears to be so satisfied that it will finally erase this passenger who stole the show as he flew in danger on the battlefield, at least that’s how we felt. In any case, the director will be happy to have fun Thor by offering good action scenes rude (or stripped him) and Chris Hemsworth’s character development that gives us a burlesque version while he’s more serious about Ragnarok, before falling into depression. Coming back? Not really, because this humor serves to hide his traumas as he searches for a new reason to live. Its setting at the end of the film also opens up interesting insights and we really like its symbolic meaning.the result is acting on a good counterpoint that we don’t see coming.

With such a title, Thor: Love and Thunderis clearly the central theme of lovetreated in different ways, being first of all the relationship between the child’sOdin and Jane Foster. Natalie Portman is back by no longer being content to be the scientific friend who is on duty and taking on a whole new dimension, and muscle, by inclusion The Mighty Thor and management Mjollnir. If you’ve read the comics, the way he re-introduces the plot won’t surprise you, even if a certain folly so as not to overwhelm the atmosphere, with a well-seen parallel emerging. among him. and Gorr. Its treatment is over several iconic costume scenes in which she handles the situation well, without forcing the “girl power” part, and a new friendship with Valkyrie, still composed by Tessa Thompson, offers a nice dynamic. The king of the city of New Asgardwhich has become a real tourist trap, is also entitled to unique moments of screen light, even if its role is more taken away compared to Ragnarok.

Thor: Love and Thunder has turned out to be great fun for kids and seniors alike.

Critical review of Thor Love and Thunder 03 10 07 2022Without saying much, love is a theme that is also related to the weapons of the protagonists, Mjollnir and storm breakerwith full burlesque and silly scenes, even serves to justify the direction the plot is headed. It doesn’t have to be fun, but combined with a few camera shots, it provides hilarious scenarios. We can say the same with two goats (or goats?) Tangrisnir and Tanngnjostrwhich really fit their poster and made the audience laugh.

In terms of rhythmthe look of Thor: Love and Thunder go at breakneck speed without giving us time to get bored with his duration of 1h59. The concern is that the sequence is sometimes a little intermittent or very fast, with scenes where we feel assembly cuts and some lack of explanation. Once, part of Most Powerful City (what we mistakenly thought wasOlympus) may be a little too small in comparison with its true importance, but it should be emphasized Zeus by Russell Crowe. The majestic and luxurious decorations of this environment taken from the comics are also in stark contrast to the course being almost all in black and white on a sort of desert moon, which is a frankly well -constructed and similar idea. in the game.

Critical review of Thor Love and Thunder 04 10 07 2022The film is very beautiful and colorful overallwith a few exceptions such as the helmet’s visual effect Thor, but not always super readable in his action scenes. Some are blurred due to the speed of killing (or maybe our lack of vision …) and others are not really helpful to umbral creatures born from Necroblade on Gorr. Finally, on the part of the soundtrack, the atmosphere is very clear metal and rock’n roll in the 80s with particular use in many of the group’s hits Guns and rosesa very wise choice.

Thor: Love and Thunder has become a very good pastime for children and the elderly, which tackles some serious themes through the prism of good humor, offering a convincing villain and a shocking ending. If you’re looking for a hassle-free comedy, you need to find what you’re looking for, even if the film benefits from longer editing to better manage its flow. Finally, and not surprisingly, Thor will be back ‘well on mcu in the futuretwo tracks available to us in many post-generic scenes, the first in the middle of the credits re-introducing a character whose treatment we can no longer wait to be discovered.

NOTES : 3.5 out of 5 stars

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