Disiz at the Dour Festival: Love lasts 43 minutes and 22 seconds

Spiritual sequel to his excellent album peacefulDisiz testified again with Llove thatsheis thereone of the most beautiful feelings in French rap. Favorite chronicle before the showartist at the Last Arena at the Dour Festival on July 15.

How to age? This same question plagues our parents with attacking wrinkles, our aunts and uncles with burning eyes, our new owner friends or young parents. In art, the object carries another layer of complexity. Rap in its essence draws its energy from its youth, from their distracting ideas and their rebellious energy. The maturity of artists always means the boredom of listening to another album with television promotions and old singles. 22 years after becoming a child prodigy of French rap and determined to prove that the rules are in place for the eternal pleasure of breaking them, Disiz gave birth to love. 4 years of precious musical silence followed by a single, the wonder casino, cementing the road. When a few weeks before the project’s release, the cover Raegular had envisioned opened, there was no doubt. The orange -covered albums were once musical prototypes that tasted good. Our brain records are remembered Orange Channelon the side of summer evenings on Venice Beach, or more locally and recently, Taciturnpainted in the winter of Courneuve and the rhyme of a frustrated Dino.

But an actor like Disiz knows he can’t turn back time on his own. The conception of the project was done with producer LUCASV, who is already in his twenties. The duo weaves a mosaic of sounds and words in deep beauty, in the same way that the pair Luidji – Ryan Koffi gave themselves to work a few years ago. Titles such as CLIMATE – TERMINAL 2 hope ALL IN show chemistry between co-directors. Pen dipped in the heart, Disiz talks about the sun, sea, dishes the day before and brush hair. Like a naturalist novelist, the closest details of his memories blend with the universality of love relationships. Moments of euphoric seduction in WEEKEND LOVER follow the frozen descriptions of LOVE KILLS. The images go from ear to eye when the artist traces these scenes “When arguments only come to give us help / And we say to ourselves in a low voice, I have your end, you will have mine “.

It was also the first time the actor had revealed his vices, drunken nights and smoke. Proof of the fact that all the tracks on the album come together. It’s nice to see that a 44-year-old actress can still surprise, reveal more. Disiz seems to have finally opened up to the true color of his music after a successful career. Twilight or solar depending on the track, the project brings the colors to AirPods and will delight synesthesia lovers. The rapper-singer didn’t blame himself when he expressed the incipit It “I love when the sky is red at night / And goes with my pastel pain”.

Because every author deserves his or her blockbuster, the giant meet Tiktok’s news feeds are flooded with this symbolic suppression of the artist’s biography: “I can’t go back to hess / I’m Disiz the Plague”. Accompanied by Brussels star Damso, the production has been revised 3 times and offers an unusual recipe for a hit of this size. Of course, this isn’t the first and not the last time Disiz will surprise the audience. Meet your future exes, your memories and your feelings on July 15 at the Dour Festival to attend the performance of an unchanging young artist.

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