11 puppies abandoned in a garbage bag in the middle of the woods after their birth were rescued by an association

Hikers discovered 11 newborn puppies in a garbage bag. Fortunately they were able to quickly take the children to the veterinarian who referred them to an association. A rescue that is saddened by the members of the organization who are now in charge of their rescue.

On June 26, 2022, the good Samaritans were walking in the woods heath lanenot far from the town of Huddersfield on Englandsuddenly saw a trash can strewn on the floor.

Then they looked inside and were shocked to find 11 puppies still carrying the umbilical cord in their bellies. Without waiting, they took the children to the local animal clinic. “The veterinarian examined them all and estimated that they were only a few hours old”intrigue Sara Jordandeputy chief inspector of RSPCAon glass.

“They’re so weak”

Unfortunately, one of the cats had difficulty breathing and was very ill. It was decided that the best thing to do was to euthanize him to end his suffering.

“The veterinary clinic asked us for help, as they did not have the facilities or skills to raise the remaining 10 puppies”findings Sarah. So the babies are handed over to experienced foster families who look after them day and night.

Sarah himself took a woman named Tippy and fed him the bottle every 90 minutes. “The poor little ones need to be raised by their adoptive parents and need intensive care. In fact, they are very weak up to the age of weaning »SAYS Sarah.

Unfortunately, despite the efforts made, 4 of the young children did not survive a glaring infection. “Luckily the other 6 are now very good and getting stronger every day”trusted the inspector.

At the same time, the investigation is still ongoing to find out who was behind the brutal act. According to initial findings, they will become German Shepherd puppies and their mother will have to suffer their loss.

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